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  • I can't.
    I am going to hack his Facebook profile tomorrow to see what they were talking about.
    Ba dom~Tssch.

    That sounded.. interesting.
    my friend won't tell me what they are talking about. I am boiling here
    one of my friends are talking with the guy I used to like, and haven't completely gotten over yet.............................................................. Jealous~
    I don't like Harry Potteer....
    You have me, haven't you? Let's be best friends.
    as they said in My Little Pony: Friendship is MAGIC!
    A Female Probopass named Bob... How original.
    No, I think I'll stick with Probopass for the time being, maybe Arceus94 knows any good names. he's good at that.
    Also: 147 Defense at lv. 35.. yesch!
    I will go into detail to spice up the conversation
    I am currently Ev-training some Defense to my newly catched Shiny Probopass.
    I have no plans of ever using it competitively though. But I like the weird design and its typing
    I'm fine with just a bred pokemon, but if you've willing to trade me a Mankey in a Dream ball, that's even better.

    I can get you a Male Moody Remoraid, but it wouldn't be in a dream ball, and you can't breed DW abilities from male pokemon.
    have psychology as a subject at school?
    Dude, that's kinda awesome.
    I am playing The Sims 2 to pass the time.
    Thanks! I've done similar ones in the B/W and HG/SS threads as well.
    I remember it being a lot faster when I first posted on the forums (one of my first posts about my last Platinum team was on their), and I'm two badges farther ahead, so my memory may be a bit rusty.
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