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  • I give a damn :)

    Although they didn't change their hair color and even if they did...well dye exists.
    It's minor, but a minor retcon is still a retcon.

    It does technically effect the canon of you being able to walk across a place.

    It is literally defined as something changed in a re-iteration by including new facts to make sense of something.

    In R/S/E a pokemon was not needed to traverse on any of the places we talked about, thus making it so one would be needed is a retcon :)
    Hey man, Im not sure how you feel right now, but cussing on the forums like that will get you banned, which would suck, since you are one of the few people on the forums who dare to speak truthfully about gen 1.

    Please edit that comment, I dont want to lose one of the best poster on the anime section.
    Here's what my superiors decided: they're going to grey-put the recent "idiot" comment. The other ones they decided were within reason and weren't malicious.
    Can you see names under each of your reps? Go to the reputation tab after clicking your profile.
    I'm looking into it. Do you happen to have the information of the user flaming you with negative rep?
    I've been on Tumblr more so I'm pretty a-okay with this. The community is ****, all you can do is roll with the punches.
    I tend to not give a crap about the rep system, it's used and abused by members regularly to **** on other uses. Obvioulys too much power for too small a mind-having community.
    the issue was that gods were very hard to get rid of in Theros and Born of the Gods. The required something like Detention Sphere to really take care of them. Sure, you could also run Revoke Existence, but that was a very narrow answer. Deicide is JUST as narrow a card, except it takes care of other gods (of the same sort) too. It's really quite flavorful. Gods were supreme for the entirety of their history on Theros (Theros, the set). It was only when Xenagos decided to usurp the natural order that things changed (Born of the Gods--Revoke Existence, Unravel the Aether, Gild). Elspeth was called to action, forced to wield the empowered Godsend, and take care of business. Now the populace is aware of just how wrong they were about their gods (Banishing Light, Deicide, Silence the Believers).

    Honestly, you deck shouldn't revolve around any one card. That makes it way too easy to disrupt. I'm not sure the Gods were a cornerstone/4-of in any deck except Monoblue with Thassa and Monoblue-splashing-white with Thassa and Ephara. That's really the only place Deicide will REALLY punish the deck.
    God. White just got SO strong with Deicide and Banishing Light. UW Control will be tooo good.
    Yes, it's a huge war with several opinions versus others, certain factions of fans fighting others. Stay around too long and you'll end up getting sucked into this cluster **** of nonsense. I really wish I had Cold Turkey to simply block this forum for a few days, an unfortunate amount of the members have been eating at me more and more as time has went on. Even then the animosity they throw at me usually results at me returning fire even though I should be better than that and simply more chill and overall I've found myself more irritated/annoyed by discussions than having fun in them like they're made for. Serena's nice, I agree, though I have my vices I still hope for the best instead of flat-bashing her in vein in several members.

    Though I do like how you stated DP was your favorite series, if you want me to be honest, I usually find DP fans to be the most problematic group of the bunch on this forum but way you went about things. Stating your opinion of why you love DP the most in a calm collected fashion while stating the reasons why in a non-bashy way with BW was well appreciated in my book. The temper Tyrantrum tantrums are the worst, though your post are well written and read nicely and do have valid points so I figured I should introduce myself. I really should wean myself off these forums and devote myself solely to Tumblr, Serebii is a nice environment for game discussion and for me to have a grounds to talk about Marvel Cinematic films.(Which I should get into more to distract from Pokemon Anime a bit.)
    Yeah. Garruk looks to be the antagonist for the M15 Duels of the Planeswalkers app. And the M15 core set will focus around him like the last one did Chandra and the one before that did Bolas.

    JOU looks to be really cool. Arethos (BW god) looks NUTS! Pharika (GB) is...okay, I guess). Iroas seems like he could be either good or bad. Kruphix seems strictly EDH, I doubt he'll do much in Standard. And Keranos seems like it could be a solid card, except it's in RU, which doesn't have many ways to turn on.
    They FINALLY put up the Digimon Crusader version of Apollomon. There's finally a good picture of Svarog.

    Also: Junomon / Hysteric Mode
    Eh. It's not a proactive move, which was how you beat decks like that. That's also why so few people play Slaughter Games. Despite it being an even MORE permanent answer to trouble cards. It does nothing to push your game along.
    Never more was bad. You'd nEver play it in an aggro deck. You're spending 3 mana doing nothing to advance your board state. Plus the deck is also very soft to pack rat.
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