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  • Alright. I'd thought I'd ask just because you said I'd probably needed to play the first one first.

    How long are the campaigns, usually?
    Hey. I don't know if you ever won Fallout but is there a way past the last mission?
    I chose to sacrifice the girl instead of myself
    In response to your post I blew up Megatown because I wanted to see what happened then I went back and saved the town
    That's basically what I said except the less support a game gets from people the higher it is rated. I think the better they rank the game, the more points it should get and the highest points wins. So that way if a game gets praise from multiple people it is ranked accordingly. Otherwise, someone could put a really obscure game as their #1 and it would win.
    I think Top 50 Games would be the most interesting.

    The hardest part is going to how we're going to rank all of them. I think we should start with people nominating their Top 25 games they think are worthy and what spot they should take on the list. Then, after taking all those results we make a default list of the Top 50 based on inverted scoring. A #1 nomination would earn 25 points, a #2 nomination would earn 24 points, etc. until #25 earns 1 point. The default list will be ordered by what games gets the most points. If we get a TON of nominations the default list could end up being a Top 100 list again. Once the default list is made, that's when people can start debating on what games should be ranked higher/lower.

    That's about how far I've planned into this. I'm not sure how we can judge fairly and without bias on which games will be moved to where on the list after debates. And who the judges should be.
    Any thoughts? Do you think this way is a good idea or did you have your own idea or should we tweak this one?
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