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Recent content by NightBlaze

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    #213 Shuckle

    Looking for a Shuckle. Can breed almost anything in exchange for it. Nothing special, just looking for the Pokedex entry. PM me.
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    for the lolz.

    Mmkay, Thanks o: Sure is xD -may post some more later-
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    PSP 2, or the "Next Generation Portable".

    I was never a fan of the PSP, never a fan of the Sony systems at all. But this looks promising. I'll be getting it 8D
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    New Kirby Wii game announced!

    I've played Epic Yarn a bit, and I have to say it's not fantastic. A normal Kirby game will be great, so I'll be picking this one up for sure 8D
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    for the lolz.

    Thanks. I've been doing these for a while, but I'm still finding what effects, what styles, and what brushes I like in Photoshop, so I think these are still my "practice" banners. I've noticed an incline of over-saturation, and too-dark banners, and I think it may be me going through a...
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    Boy Scouts of America

    Not sure how you can stereotype an entire organization like that. I've been in Boy Scouts for 7 years, and nobody was discriminated for being gay or athiest. Hell, two people in the troop I lead are openly gay and athiest. Should we push them away? No. What good would come from that. And about...
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    Palmer colored symbol battle

    If you were a truly great trainer, you'd bea ble to demolish those legends with normal pokemon easily.
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    for the lolz.

    I'll just post this anyway, even though I'm miles from being as good as a lot of people on this forum. (oh, and before anyone freaks out, Rhyme is a username on another forum, so thats why most of them say that ._.) Most Recent: constructive criticism, if you'd please~♪
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    Really? I thought it would've Blended fine. And no, it was on Planet Renders xD It's off a pokemon card, after I messed with the Hue and Saturation. Yeah, drawing a blank on the site though D: Photoshop CS5 Extended x3 Sorry, I have no new Banners right now -.-
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    First of all, thank you for posting x3 oshi- I forgot to Mention, Jace Beleren is my username on another forum. So that's what it is. Thanks, I love this one too. I don't know about that hat thing, I guess it was a brush going in the wrong place, I don't know. This was one of my...
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    I decided to make one of these, whats the worse that could happen? -shifteyes- Newest: yeah, that's what the thread is named after. So shoot me. I just picked a random 'mon, didn't think it would turn out good. I like it. I got a new brush set, so I tested it out on a classic. One...
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    Super Duper Sprites!

    Well I notice the quality going up throughout your sprites. The Carnage Electivire looks a little messy, maybe a ease up on the effects? The Venom Tyranitar, the spider looks a little crowded. It would be nice to have it a bit more thick instead of the diagonal pixel lines really Close...
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    RXS's Bangin' Arts Shop (:

    Oh my God it's fantastic! I'll be using it. With credit, of course. Thanks~
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    RXS's Bangin' Arts Shop (:

    Banner Please ;D Size; 375x190 Text; and i promised i'd never sing of love if it does not exist~ Subtext; but darling, you are, the only exception~ Image(s); http://www.fotos-hochladen.net/hayleywilliamspurpovnbzgac.jpg I hope thats right. Thanks 8D
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    +/ [the gpx+ and vdex fan club]

    Hey Guys. Alot went on since last time, Let me show you. First of All, Found Hatched in the Shelter 8D Summoned from Enigma Stones :3 And alot of Novelty Luck these days, luck in the Shelter. (hopefully these guys are different genders, so I get Hot Pocket Love. Thats pretty much it. I...