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  • Yeah I do agree that Pokémon lacks in some departments But overall I find it quite a nice experience for a reasonable price.
    I do some Ev/IV training to some extent but nothing hardcore, usually only when I get a new Shiny, I'm currently looking for a Shiny in the Black and White generations, but I'm only after random encounters so..takes Time and patience :J

    Online matches is fun, very fun.
    But always they seem so well...Overpowered to the extent it's not playable, yesterday my Def/Hp trained Blissey got OHKO by a level 1 Aaron, Other than that it's fun : )!

    Yeah I read your reply, it was great that someone agreed with me on that actually, think most players today doesn't see it with the same eye's.

    That's cool, what do you study?
    I'm currently switching between two job's so I got some time over for games and my other interests, I was checking out TOR earlier and I've been a subscriber on their forums for years..But I guess I had to wait to long and my Hype is over about it :, (.
    MMO's tend to consume allot of Time, hence why I'm taking a break from them at the moment and playing other games for a change of pace.

    I'm also Looking forward to purchasing a new stationary computer thats made for gaming, as I've always just had money for laptops I got the short straw, hate these buggers :D.
    Well, Pokémon games are so easy I never cared of EV/IV training or even natures that much! It's just a thrill to play those. To be the casual trainer I want to be. I'm not going
    any more far with Pokémon than that, since the world ain't deep at all if you compare to, say, ES. :) I can't even battle online because somehow, my laptop cannot contact me to wireless webs. :E Nor are there any gaming points I know of. Not that big loss to me though, since nearly every other player out here in the forums seem more hardcore than me. I'd only end up losing all the time! :D

    If you saw my reply to that shiny topic you told your opinion about chaining, you can notice I fully agree with you. :)

    You're having bad luck! I caught my Zubat near the 100 hour mark. Previously, on my Sapphire, I had about 80 hours on the clock when I saw and caught that shiny Spinda. I also seem to remember I played Silver something like 323 hours behore the battery died, and saw those 2 - 4 others in that time. I'm glad legit shinies come to me like that! ^_^ (Although they still feel very rare of course...)

    I study in a university for the third year. It seems I have less and less time for games and stuff. I also haven't had equipment recently to play anything new. Now I have to get a new computer, though, since I've had to fork this sucky laptop twice in the last few months, and there are stuff like The Old Republic MMORPG and Skyrim coming... o/ Guess I'll be having even more trouble in deviding my time between them, studies and some actual life. :p
    Yeh, I don't feel wrong about playing Pokémon myself, no matter how old I am.

    RPGs... Let's say I tend to play a few of them to that extent I pretty much don't have time for others. I'm most into Elder Scrolls, so, there's enough to play, that's for sure. :p

    Funny thing is, I didn't even meet my shiny Zubat in a cave, but on Acuity Lakefront where they aren't that common! It's my only (random encounter) shiny right now. :( I've had at least a shiny Spinda on Gen. III in the past. Others I really don't remember, although there have been 2 - 4 more. Possibly all on my long-dead Silver.
    Just out of curiosity... Why are there only five Pokémon in your Silver party? Is it a mistake or are you using an HM slave or something similar not worth mentioning? :p There are six Pokémon in all of your other parties, that's why I ask.

    I see you're 23 just like I am... Glad to see there are still people this "old" playing the games. :D

    And you, too, have a shiny Crobat. (Random encounter, I take, since you said you don't like chaining.) I'm getting a feeling that nearly everyone with only one or a few shinies have Crobat, in particular. :I
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