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Last Activity:
Jun 7, 2019
Aug 9, 2011
Likes Received:
July 15
Location: Location: Location:
Being A Great & Powerful Wizard

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Gamer Extrodinare, from Location: Location: Location:

Nightfall_ was last seen:
Jun 7, 2019
    1. Trickster Zorua
      Trickster Zorua
      Longago wetalked, what's up? :o
    2. Dragalge
      Happy birthday!
    3. Spacial
      You okay?
    4. Wind?
      HEY! You should return to PRR! A new round has started!
    5. Billy Mays
      Billy Mays
      Where'd you go? First Winterbreezesrule drops off the face of the earth in June, and now you?

      Ah well, guess it happens. I remember I disappeared in like...October or November of 2011, and didn't appear again until late January. This was back when I posted mainly on Clans and Leagues instead of Games and RPGs though.

      Well if you do come back, be sure to contact me.
    6. Endoplasmic Reticulum
      Endoplasmic Reticulum
      I was about to tell you what hoblaph Vmed you. I don't understand why you try to always change your command. We have all explained many times it won't work. Why do you keep on bothering!?
    7. Gryoine
      How strong a grasp do you have on the rules of PRR? Becaus eit seems as if you are frequently trying to change commands at times you cannot.

    8. Robotic Wind
      Robotic Wind
      you should know that under no circumstances can you change a command after other commands have been posted so you offically trapped yourself in a seed flare..
    9. Robotic Wind
      Robotic Wind
      You should join the newest round of PRR.

      Vet sign ups are open
    10. Liltwick
      Ooh... That... Oops...
    11. Liltwick

      I don't think it's that Night fall. That's a Shrek.
    12. Liltwick
      Nightfall_, the game will start on tuesday, be prepared.
    13. Delta Hunter
      Delta Hunter
      sorry, but i thought that this might happen. Narga and Shadow are at night, but Halt is in the day. Weird, isn't it? I'll post soon saying it's day for you, Halt, and Chili to avoid confusion. Sorry, i should have seen this happening
    14. Ghosts of the Forums
      Ghosts of the Forums
      for someone who wanted to be in rtd so bad, you're sure taking your time rpicking your roll.
    15. CptDrDigi
      Because I'm a cool dude, you're now in RtD.
    16. KnightofRawr
      Don't forget to vote in Sntg
    17. Burakoru
      *Pokes* Just letting you know you have to give the Absol Scales in PU. xD Just in case you forgot (Since it wasn't in your post)
    18. ShinyMienshao
      Sup Nightfall :D
    19. VS
      Just the fact that it's MLP really.
    20. VS
      Meh I just don't want to XD
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    July 15
    Location: Location: Location:
    Being A Great & Powerful Wizard
    Favourite Pokémon:
    I'm A Great & Powerful Wizard who like magic. Well, in reality, I'm just another old Pokémon and My Little Pony fan (Known By The Fans as a Pegasister). Nothing Much to tell or any value of intrest. Now shoo shoo, no more reading. :mad:

    Really, I enjoy My Little Pony, Friendship Is Magic, Memes In General, Shiny Hunting, Spriting...etc