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  • Hi im interested in chicorita, i have a wartortle or a venusauar or a suicune if any of those are much use to you im willing to trade any of the above
    The thread was allowed to live after I first saw it because I occassionally give sketchy threads a chance if there's still some hope for decent discussion to come out of them. Of course, I usually end up closing those threads anyway, but at least I tried to be merciful.
    that's how censorship works. 1% percent complaint, and they ruin it for the 99% who were happily minding their own business in a discussion. when it happens to you, then you will realize that the world is not your based on your whims.
    the boards are supposed to be for everyone who follow the rules. obviously, purposely posting misleading information is not allowed or illegal things. but to say the majority of the people here are trolls shows how certain people have deluded themselves into thinking that an open forum should follow their personal pejorative and then make themselves arbiters of what viewpoints are allowed. everyone's opinions should be equal here. we have pages and pages of fans making speculation that go absolutely nowhere, but all that is accepted because it does not entice people's feelings. but if someone makes a certain non-offensive opinion that resonates negatively with yours then you feel they are the trolls and spammers. if you don't like a certain opinion, that is on you. do not try to make excuses why other people are in the wrong while you are instigating them by calling them trolls and creating "flames". there's something called discussing reasonably. you may feel Shootie was only there a short time, others can assess on the vibes the character gives with just a few minutes of appearance. everyone does it in real life, just as easily as you call most of us here trolls without going case by case.
    there's also the mods who get on their high horse and BASH forum users. painting the fandom in a broad brush as a bunch of morons. if that's not truly bashing, i dont know what is. but its all politics again. when the magical wand makes you either a "protected group" or a "target" logic is completely out the door.
    people are constantly bashing everyone and everything. it would be absurd to constantly repeat the reasons why. and i dont know why fictional cartoon characters are being treated with such sensibility, of all things we have to worry about. a few anime nerds discussing their viewpoints is not going to set the board on fire. and even in the first post cubed said shootie seemed to him like any other cocky rival from the past. thats a reasonable point.
    Cool down, don't let your anger. Its much easier to not type your anger to someone you don't even have to reply. Please, you don't know me your barely understand who I am so please keep your outdated labels to yourself. It seems you have never seen a real troll.
    Dealt with. But FYI, there's something called a "report button" that lets your thread complaint reach multiple mods at once(including s-mods who might not normally pay attention to PAD, but will help out if problem threads pop up while the usual PAD staff isn't around).
    For future reference, only mods change thread titles, so PM/VM one of us to get it changed if it's really really important. (for instance, I changed yours because the original title did cause a bit of arguing and complaining)

    ps: please avoid making posts entirely in giant font, even if you're getting really pissed off. It's annoying to read, makes you look childish, and tends to make the posting situation even more angry and stupid than it was already. I know I break out the Huge Font Of Doom occassionally, but it's only ever for a sentence or two, not the whole damned post.
    Heh, yeah it sucks, but I have to move on in my life. I'll miss you guys a ton!

    Apparently Cyber will also retire from the series shortly, although I don't know if he'll leave the forum or not. We've both been here since near the forum's beginning. As for the trolls, I'm pretty sure V Faction has the balls to nail them. If not, he'll learn shortly.
    I can only speak for myself, but I am sick to death of your pointless whining.
    Just thought I'd let you know that you were speaking for me as well there. Cybercubed REALLY needs to take it easy on creating threads. He really IS spamming the spoilers section as its not like many of his threads remain open.
    I wasn't thinking I was exempt from mystery gift. I was thinking that my DSi would automatically detect a mystery gift signal. I just forgot how to unlock it, so that's why I came to a help thread.
    I sure did. All I had to do was go to the Jubilife TV building and unlock the mystery gift option. Now I know what I'm doing :)
    The only event pokemon that I have is the Pokemon Ranger Manaphy, but other than that I have all the johto starters at lvl 1. What are you interested in getting?
    Hey! Thanks for your pikachu-colored pichu offer. I have a hacked Hall of Origin Arceus if you would like to trade for that? It will still do the Dialga/Palkia/Giratina event in HG/SS. Other than that I have almost every other pokemon at various levels if you're still interested.
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