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  • Yeah i got it. I've added you on Skype, i'm just glad to be able to talk to you another way apart from here now.
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    Ugh, yeah. It has. Even though I'm playing BW, I'm not all that interested in SPPf these days. How about you?
    Its my birthday tomorrow :D or, I should say TODAY, since it will be thursday when you read this :)

    Well what 'other ways' can I speak to you with?

    Of course. I know from all this stuff I've been telling you that it's a lot to take in so hopefully you can process this by tomorrow
    In fact, this morning i was speaking to her before our first lesson and it kinda resulted in her telling me a few issues her family has - her mum is quitting her job soon, because for one thing she doesn't like it and the other because Shiv's older brother needs constant care - apparently he's got autism, dyslexia and other things... and her gran needs some care as well, she said. She hasn't told me much about her gran, apart from that she's prone to fainting. i really hope they can manage on just her dad's wages, but she's not exactly on good terms with her dad... i've never met him and she hasn't told me any proper facts, but from what i've gathered he's a stubborn workaholic who puts his job above his family and the way he is (WHATEVER he is) is upsetting Shiv, her mum and her sister. I was glad she told me all that, cause that's the first time she's opened up to me in person instead of on Facebook and if she's telling me that stuff then we must be getting good friends.

    Skullcandy headphones, the new slim Xbox 360, a new chain to wear, and then there's the usuals - PJ's, chocolate, underwear ect.

    I'll tell you about NYE in the next post (i have a LOT to write)

    Well i started the second year of college in September (duh) and it's a lot more work...there's a new girl in our year - Brogan. She's a year older than me though, apparently she did the first year of our course but then left because she got a job (at Burger King... lmao) but she hated it so she waited till September to re-apply for second year, and hey presto - she's in our year.
    You can guess how gutted i was at the result (i wasted NINE MONTHS trying to get with that girl) and i was pretty miserable for a couple of days... but i soon got over it (a lot faster than i expected, actually)... besides, me and her have since become really good mates. I've just been trying to be as good a mate to her as possible since then... i figured if i can't have her as a girlfriend, why not try to make a best mate out of her? Although i've since learned that she doesn't open up to anyone... seriously, you know girls tend to share their problems cause they know it helps them fix it? Not Shiv, she bottles up all her issues and when she explodes, she explodes f*cking EVERYWHERE... considering she's a surprisingly sensitive person, it doesn't help.
    I assume you're wondering the result between me and Siobhan? Well, a few months ago (the end of September, to be exact) i'd been trying the last few months to build summat between us, and i put a sweet/romantic status on Facebook which was aimed at her, and i set it so that only she could see it (i specified that as well) and she saw it and sent me a message which was basically what i've feared the whole time and practically knew was coming, i was just in denial - she told me she liked the status, she said i'm so kind and a really nice guy, but she doesn't want me chasing after her. She doesn't want a boyfriend, she thinks life is a hell of a lot easier without one. She calmly said that if i keep trying with her then i'm just gonna get hurt all the more. I spoke to her on chat for a bit, we sorted a few things out... i just left knowing what had been staring me in the face the whole time and i just tried to avoid seeing it. Seriously, that girl apparently NEVER wants a relationship again, she actually said if Johnny Depp asked her out she'd say no. She claims she's picky as hell when it comes to love and she's being stationary until she meets her "one". But the thing is... her idea of "the one" she's meant to be with, if you get me, is pretty out there... she expects some kind of really romantic dream-ish guy, the sort you see in romantic films... but let's be honest, those guys are either non-existant or come along for like 2 seconds in a lifetime. This gonna sound stupid, but it's the truth - all these romantic films and (VERY graphic) romance novels she reads have completely f*cked up her expectations of men. Besides, she's since stated that she's "staying single for the rest of her life and nothing's gonna change that"... i REALLY don't see how she can make that decision considering she's not had much experience in the field... but hey, i'm not one to judge. If it makes her happy, i'm happy for her.
    Indeed it has... i'm so f*cking glad i can speak to you again :)

    Surely i'm not the only reason you've come here again! Although all you've seemed to do since returning is speak to me... surely you want to speak to others on here, make posts, talk in threads about the stuff you like? There's plenty here to keep YOU interested :)

    Yeah, anything! So long as you actually CHECK IT unlike some people... why not the "proper" one you use? Damn, i feel like this is a countdown, as if you're gonna leave again soon and i have to find another way to speak to you before you disappear again :(

    Well i try to do everything for her, be there for her and shiz... we have a good connection, we're always really nice to each other... i wanna be with her, i'm kinda torn between her and Kerri (this other girl i like)... i wanna be with her, it feels like the feelings are there (not like i thought they were with Siobhan, i mean it this time)... but they're kind of at a place where i'm thinking - how the f*ck am i supposed to take this further?
    I can actually hardly believe i'm speaking to you again... it made my day yesterday when i saw that :D

    I hope everything's alright... please don't leave again :'( and by the way, i'm sorry i was being such a d*ck with all the demanding replies and stuff... are you back for good now?

    Well what about your email address? Can you tell me that? That would be a START...

    I sent Louise a valentine's text, telling her how much she means to me (yeah, she knows now that i like her, i bought her a Christmas present and put in a note telling her) and this morning in college, after i sent it, she came over and gave me a hug and said "Thanks for the text this morning, it was really sweet"... i've always liked Louise, as you know, and i'm really glad she liked my text cause i poured my heart out :)

    So what did you get for Christmas? What did you do New Years Eve?

    You actually have no idea how much i missed you... where did you go?

    Also, do you have Facebook yet? Or Twitter? Youtube? ANYTHING??
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