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Last Activity:
Nov 11, 2016
May 26, 2008
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By the mystic stars of night~
PKMN trainer~<3

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Hyuu~, from By the mystic stars of night~

Nightning was last seen:
Nov 11, 2016
    1. csisps_26
      Ridiculously hilarious! How's life? ^^

      Kurogane: Everyone MUST stop before you get a sword lunging at you! NOW.
      *everyone stops*
      Nightning: How about some ice-cream? *gives to everyone*
      C26: Thank you!
      Fay: Why, you're so kind! Hyuu~!
      Kurogane: *turns cone upside down and puts on Fay's head*
      Fay: >( Kuro-pu is being a meanie!

    2. 5ilVer
      naa just a VM....

      i was just thinking how yoo have a healthy sense of humor and i wanted to get advice about some present i am buying for my friend.

      feel like helping?
    3. darklord18

      so yeah crazy weather here.
    4. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      She says she doesn't see the point because you just exchange quick messages with your friends. WTF? That's the whole reason it's good!

      OR you could tell me right here and now.

      I also remember when me, her and Jemma were talking and it went onto sex as usual and i ended up saying to Louise "Whoa, slow down! I haven't even asked you out yet!" There was silence, and Jemma was like "Yet? You mean you're GOING TO?" Louise was just doing that little laugh she does. I can't remember what i said back, but i remember saying "Let's not rush things, eh Louise?" and she laughed a little again. There's been plenty of situations like that, which is why i'm certain she knows i like her, and she's not telling me to back off or anything.

      Indeed it is.


      I'm the 2nd-tallest person on my course.

      There is NOTHING on that guy, no muscle AT ALL. We also know how easily he shatters like glass.
    5. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      Almost everybody on my course has it. Unfortunately, Louise can't be arsed with it.

      We both know i'm gonna find out sooner or later.

      When i flirt with her or hint to her that i like her, she tends to laugh in either a clueless or "going along with it" kind of way. I remember when i was talking to her and for some reason she started repeating every word i say, i said "I'll have sex with you." and she just went "Ummm..." and then laughed, and i was like "See, you won't copy EVERYTHING i say."

      You know it's true.

      That SHOULD speed things up?

      Some people are easy to read, and sometimes J-Mack is easy, sometimes hard.

      Believe me, if she's fat, then what does that make Alex? Now that guy IS skin and bones!
    6. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      Get it. I still need to get it.

      I have no idea what either of those words mean.

      When i make Christmas cards, i'm going to draw some cookies inside her's and say "There's your cookies - happy now?"


      Seemed to do. I'll do it more.

      That girl is IMPOSSIBLE to figure out.

      One could assume she's even somewhat underweight. She's like a stick insect, and thinks she needs to eat LESS food? It's a joke!
    7. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      Tough cheese. Do you have Facebook?

      Only if you're into that crap.

      Currently 3.

      I AM THE MAN.

      I remember on the night where our course went to see that play, i saw her in a black sweater, a grey cardigan, dark blue jeans and she had her hair down (which was the first time i'd seen her with her hair down), i said to her she looked nice, she said thanks and said she liked the jeans i was wearing.

      On that same night, i told J-Mack the same, and she started laughing and getting defensive, saying it was just normal clothes for her.

      It's annoying, isn't it?! I hate when the thin ones think they're fat! Saying Tiny Jenny is fat is like saying Alex is fat!
    8. csisps_26

      Kurogane: Most importantly, WHY AM I DOING THIS?
      C26: *points to Fay*
      Fay: Not me! *points to Nightning*
      Nightning: YES! Romantic caramelldansen ftw!
      C26: What has the world come to?
      Kurogane: *swings sword during caramelldansen*

    9. darklord18
      Hi nightning how it going?
    10. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus

      A Bleach fan turned Ouran? That's LOW.

      Louise would be adding another onto the tally of cookies she says i owe her, had i said that to her.

      Believe it, it is.

      I'll bear that in mind.

      Okay, so i was talking to this girl on my course, Jenny, and- ARGH! There's 4 Jenny's on my course, so this is getting confusing! Okay, i'll give each a nickname;

      Ginger Jenny - Has long ginger hair, piercings in her lower lip and tongue.
      Posh Jenny - A bit giddy, has a posh accent which she claims is "A mixture of the north and the south".
      J-Mack - HOT but for some reason refuses to take any compliments (insists she's ugly), a bit hyper and sometimes violent in a joking way depending on HOW hyper she is.
      Tiny Jenny - Short, thin, shy, doesn't talk much.

      So i was talking to Tiny Jenny on friday, and she was saying that she's been eating a lot of junk food and needs to lose weight. HER, of all people, needs to lose wieght?! You should see her; tiny little thing, no meat on her AT ALL. This is totally stupid, because she's thin as f*ck! Also, she's on the dance pathway, so all her lessons involve dancing! And she's saying she needs to LOSE WEIGHT?! If anything, she needs to eat MORE!
    11. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      That's not my problem.

      Oh God, what have you done?

      Tough cheese.

      Wrong again, it's ME!

      I have done that a few times, so i'll keep up the habit.

      Wanna know something totally stupid that somebody said on friday?
    12. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      You're clearly bored.

      The poor soul has my sympathy.

      What do you want, a cookie?

      Hehehehe... wrong...

      I hope so. I'll text her over half-term and ask her how she is, what she's doing ect. Matt doesn't seem to bother with her anymore, which is not only good for me, but just enforces what i said about him being like that with virtually every girl on our course. I'm certain she knows i like her, because she seems to play up to it (although she seems a bit clueless sometimes).

      Which brings me onto another note; let's assume the worst and say, theoratically, that she's NOT interested in me. How could i GET HER to like me? I mean, i go after her every chance i get, it seems to be building up tension between us, but it's too slow and i'm doing all the work. How can get HER to come after ME? You know, like she "seemed" to be doing on monday? Whenever i talk to her and casually flirt, she either responds in the way i intended, or just seems clueless, or sometimes both. I want her to respond to me hitting on her by returning the favour, catch my drift? Can you give me some tips?
    13. csisps_26

      Kurogane: *stops* For what?
      C26: Uh... for your brand new awesome lovely marriage with Fay! Yeah... that.
      Fay: Oh, Kuro-rin~! *glomps Kuro*
      Nightning: Aww!
      C26: Half-price! ^^
      Kurogane: No. *grabs sword* Now, LET ME CONTINUE TO SLICE YOU!
      C26: *runs off* Noooo!
      Nightning: >D Oh, this is fun!
      Fay: Kuro-pu, go get her! Hyuu~!

    14. Skiyomi
      True, same here... hahaha... I'll still miss it tho, although the ending was pretty good X3
      Yeah... I wonder how much longer xxxHOLiC is going to go. It felt like they were winding towards and ending... but now it kinda feels like they've restarted o.O
    15. Groudonny the groundstar
      Groudonny the groundstar
      Haha~ I don't really have a brain.
    16. Haruka-chan
      I've been good, but it seems I missed you. Do you live in the UK by any chance?
    17. csisps_26
      ^w^ By golly, getting chased by Kuro. Revenge. Sorta.

      C26: *runs* FAY, I was suppose to hit YOU! >( I will get 'cha! *aims while running* *shoots* AHHA! The arrow got you!
      Kurogane: *takes sword out* YOU'RE STILL GETTING IT FOR HITTING ME! *chases*
      Fay: Oh, no! *starts chasing Nightning for no reason*
      Nightning: Who-wha-why me? *runs*

    18. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus

      No sh*t.

      Okay, didn't know that...

      Who's the man?

      And i am officially on half-term until November 2nd. Too bad i didn't get to ask Louise what she's doing over half term, i only briefly spoke to her today and apart from that i haven't spoke to her since monday. On monday, i couldn't get away from her (not that i was trying to), everywhere i went, she seemed to go. I joked about this as we were leaving college; i was walking off and Louise was a bit behind me, talking to Chantel. Chantel soon goes off in another direction, so Louise catches up to me;

      Louise: Hello.
      Me: You just can't stay away from me, can you?
      Louise: Um... *laughs nervously* well, you know...
      Me: Yeah... *laughs*
    19. 5ilVer
      i am fine thank u...

      i actually wanted to ask you a favor but you havn't answer.....
    20. Skiyomi
      Yeah, me too. I'll probably just end up frequently rereading or something.
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    By the mystic stars of night~
    PKMN trainer~<3
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    mythology, randomness, POKEMON, Cardcaptor Sakura and tsubasa RC!


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