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Last Activity:
Nov 11, 2016
May 26, 2008
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By the mystic stars of night~
PKMN trainer~<3

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Hyuu~, from By the mystic stars of night~

Nightning was last seen:
Nov 11, 2016
    1. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      THAT'S the one...

      F*ck off!

      ...you said you'd make one out of me...?

      I did NOT make it up, for the record.

      Why both?

      Remember for WHAT?

      Yeah, but can i GET WITH her?

      What, you don't have a cake for me?
    2. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      It looks a bit like one of those magical Japanese fox things...

      Take the "K" out!

      I don't even know what the word means!

      Jack and Jill went up the hill to smoke some marijuana. Jack got high and dropped his fly and said "Do you wanna?" Jill said yes and dropped her dress and then they had some fun, but silly Jill forgot her pill and then they had a son.

      SS, because Silver was the first videogame i ever got.

      What does this have to do with anything?

      Well i don't want to get with her just for sex, now do i? (although i wouldn't complain if it got to that stage) I like her as a person, so i wanna get to know her better. Some people seem to find her a bit boring, because she seems the sort of person who stays in a lot reading and stuff. Thing is though, that's good for me, i'd sooner have someone like that than one of those girls who sleeps for half the day then goes out at night every night to get drunk and makes an arse out of themself. Another good thing she has? Maturity, not many people on my course have it. She doesn't shoot her mouth off or prat around, she doesn't make a sex joke every 5 seconds (she doesn't have it any less on the brain, though), some girls on my course are VERY immature in that last bit, while Siobhan is one of the most mature ones.

      It's not happening, because not enough people can go. I've told everybody, so it's okay. However, some others have arranged to go bowling on thursday, so i can at least go to that.
    3. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      I really think me and her could work. If i show an interest in what she's doing (ask her what she's doing at the weekend, how she's been recently ect.) she tends to do it back to me, and she doesn't really seem to do it to other guys (then again, i think i'm the only guy who seems to show an interest in her as a person).

      I've actually changed the plans a bit; it's my birthday on wednesday, so i asked some people if they wanna go bowling in the afternoon. Thing is, i've only got 2 definate yesses of people who'd come (one of them doesn't know where the place is, though, but he can easily find out), i asked 3 people who said they'd come but they don't know if they are able to (i'm finding out today off all of them whether they can come or not), and i'm going to ask one more person yet. I asked Siobhan, and she said it sounds good, but the only problem is getting there because it's her mom's day off and she doesn't know if she'd fancy taking her there, although we could just pick her up on the way there. Thing is, there's no point it being on if i can't get enough people. So far, Siobhan can come (if we pick her up, by the look of it, i haven't mentioned to her that we could pick her up yet), Kayne's gonna come if he has the money, Tanya (Kayne's girlfriend) wants to come, but she's just seeing stuff out because she has a party that night so she'll have to fit the bowling in if she goes. My mate, who i saw yesterday, said he'd come, and this girl who went to my school said she'd come if she could, she doesn't know because her cousin is visiting soon and it might be on that day (she's finding out today whether they're coming or not), and i'm still going to ask one more person. I hope it IS on, i'd hate to just cancel it after Siobhan seems to be looking forward to it last time i spoke to her.
    4. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      This looks a lot cooler than Lucario, so i'm fine.

      Yeah, if i was i'd be holding a fork to my kneck.

      I don't, but go on, tell me...

      You heard the dirty version of Jack and Jill?

      Then why did you not do it?

      Said all of what?
    5. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      You're doing it again! I swear to God you are p*ssing me off now, REPLY!!!!
    6. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      *She lifts up my fringe to put make-up on my fod*
      Me: Yeah, i know, my hair's messed up.
      Siobhan: *laughs* don't worry, i won't give you orange hair.
      Me: I think i'd look good with a bit of orange in my hair.
      *we both laugh*
      Siobhan: I think you should go ginger.
      Me: Nah, but maybe a few little bits in.
      Siobhan: I used to have really strawberry-blonde hair.
      Me: Oh?
      Siobhan: That was back when i was cute.
      Me: You're cute NOW!
      *we both laugh*

      Me: What are you doing over half term?
      Siobhan: Eerrm... probably staying in and reading, because that's how boring my life is.
      Me: Maybe i could see you one day.
      Siobhan: Yeah!

      All i need to do now is think of when i could see her! I broke up after that day, and i'm off until the 22nd (it's my birthday on the 17th :)), so i need to think of some way i can see her... on thursday, i might be going out for a meal with my mate, my mum, my mate's mum, my mate's sister, and MAYBE my mate's brother. If so, i was thinking i could invite her along to that, it would be a free meal, since my mum and my mate's mum would be paying for everything. I said i'd see Siobhan over the half term purely for social reasons, but how about that? Providing the meal happens, and providing Siobhan is able to attend.

      We're teenagers, we don't care.

      I'd still have her, i still LIKE her, it's just i'm shelving her for the moment.

      3 F*CKING DAYS i woke up and saw no messages, and i was like "What the f*ck are you playing at?!" even when i'm sick, i still check my messages!
    7. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      I wished it was a Mightyena evo, but it looks pretty good, actually. Hey, maybe this means it'll be in the next Smash Bros, eh? Lucario was in to promote gen 4, maybe this'll be in to promote gen 5.

      If i had stuff to add, i would have gotten involved.

      Seriously, WHAT?

      Jack and Jill are too busy screwing each other on the hill to care.

      I always wanted to do that...

      Could you elaborate a little more?

      Score! On thursday when she was doing my make-up for the show i got the chance to have a nice little chat with her. I can remember a few little bits from it;
    8. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      Oh for God's sake, COME ON!!!!
    9. Haruka
      You really should. It's pretty funny.

      I also used to read season 1/0 Yu-Gi-Oh! manga back when I liked the stuff. That's a good series too.
    10. ccangelopearl1362
      New generation? To tell you the truth, I may be more interested in the human characters than the Pokémon by themselves, but Ash and Dawn's teamwork might still stand out to me. I hear that quite a few Pearlshippers are awaiting any possible comments by Lyra about Ash and Dawn as a couple this weekend... which happens to be Valentine's Day, of all days. What would you think of that holiday, if I may ask?
    11. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      Well, to be honest, i've gone off her a bit over the last few weeks. She's suddenly became best friends with Kirsty and been talking to her before everyone else. Ever since then, she's become a bit snobbier. There's a few good points to this though; unlike when she was hanging out with J-Mack and Jess, she doesn't not talk to anyone else. In fact, Kirsty lives quite close to me, and i get the tram with her most days home, and Louise comes to Kirsty's quite a lot, so i've actually been speaking to her a bit more since, and she seems to be generally speaking to me a bit more. I don't know, i STILL like her, but at the moment she's the one i want the least.
    12. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      It's looking a bit more like a Mightyena evo, but some are saying it looks like a Lucario evo. I HOPE it's a Mightyena evo, because it's one of my favoirte 3rd gen Pokes. Lucario, on the other hand, is severely overrated.

      Because you wouldn't find it awkward if you had stuff to add.

      A WHAT?

      Yeah, but i've got the old woman who lives in the shoe on MY side, i can truly KICK their arses.

      *spooky dracula voice* Trust meeee...

      I can't think of anything, that's just it. All i can think of is telling her that she looks nice and stuff, because from what i've gathered she's a bit funny about her looks; yesterday she was saying that she needs to sort her skin out, when it's not THAT bad, and she tends to look in every single mirror and sort her hair out and stuff (wow, that sounds so much like what i do). Thing is, it's going to look wierd just randomly saying "you look nice" every day, so how am i supposed to fit it into casual conversation?

      Another thing which might be good; she LOVES reading, but a lot of people on my course can't be arsed with it, Adam and Chidge scoff at the idea of sitting down and reading a good book, but she can pick one up and disappear for a week and a half. I'm the same, i love reading, but i don't think we've read many similar books; from what i've gathered, she loves fantasy and adventure books, i love horror and sci-fi.

      Exactly, WHY?! What the hell was up with everyone?!
    13. darklord18
      hi how are you today?
    14. ccangelopearl1362
      Greetings once more. It's been quite a while since we last talked, but my interests seem to be picking up quite a bit of steam, from American politics, especially Sarah Palin, to East Asia, especially China and Japan (hint, hint). How are you?
    15. S-Unit
      Ah smutfics, I can never get enough of those :P
    16. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      I'm just clarifying that we're on the same terms...

      And you had nothing to add to the conversation?

      I don't like old men in that way!

      Yeah, because i'm scared of a man-egg beast...

      If you're not gonna take my word for it, ask around the forum.


      There's only so many things i can compliment a girl on, especially one that has her gorgeous face on some days, average face on other days, and "less-favourable" face on others. Besides, it's not just her skin, her hair is a major factor, depending on whether it's curly or straight, and down or tied back;

      straight + down = gorgeous
      curly + down = gorgeous
      straight + tied back = average
      curly + tied back = less-favourable

      I see. Well, considering i don't talk speak to her nearly as much as i'd like to, and i really feel like i should do more (considering she's in every single one of my lessons AND my dad knows her mom), it's hard to talk to her because she's always talking to someone else, but i think i'm the only one who actually properly fancies her (Adam talks to her like they're childhood friends (who knows, maybe they are), and he messes around with her like best mates do, and Chidge is always randomly hugging her, but Chidge hugs EVERY girl). Thing is, i don't think i do anything for her, or to her, that anybody else doesn't do, apart from give her compliments to keep her guessing.

      I just did my next showcase! It went pretty well, today was a long hard day full of rehearsals, but it went quite well. I don't know WHAT THE HELL was up with everyone's arses today, though! If i had a cookie for every time somebody either farted (Bald Liam, Amy, Chidge), or said they needed to fart (Louise, Kirsty), i'd have a boxfull!

      Say, are you wondering why i haven't really mentioned Louise lately?
    17. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      NOT a pre-evo, an evolution!

      There's plenty to name.

      He pulled down your knick-nacks and f*cked you...

      I'd chop off HER head.

      There was picture shown of a bunch of Pokemon clumped together, and there was a Mightyena in the middle. So no, it's NOT just fan talk.

      Hey, things like that piss me off!

      Give me some more tips of stuff to say to her, you know, stuff that's not too heavy but'll keep her guessing to the point where after a few days it's built up a lot of tension.

      What did you like about him? And, if you don't mind me saying, what exactly did he say?
    18. darklord18
      hi how are you today.
    19. S-Unit
      Ah yes, many hours have been wasted on FF.net due to all-yaoi diets!
    20. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      I'll tell you what we need - a Tauros/Miltank evo.

      There's some mad people on my course...

      Only YOU can answer that...

      Mary had a little lamb... BUT I ATE IT!!!!

      It's being hinted that it is.

      You mean HEAR, right?

      Now, of course, but there's still the issue of confidence, AND it's getting her alone, AND it's finding the right oppurtunity.

      Okay, did he just ask you out of the blue, or did you already like him?
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    By the mystic stars of night~
    PKMN trainer~<3
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