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  • Trust me, ONM were NOT lying when they said it was the best RPG on DS. You know what happens if you beat certain monsters? You have a chance of recruiting them and they join you, then they can level up and learn spells and equip weapons and armour like human party members can.

    There's also a MASSIVE story which takes place over the whole of the main character's lifetime, and a LOT of things happen. It's a very deep and beautiful RPG, and you know the best part? It's a casual game, because it's very easy to get into and VERY fun.

    And trust me, IT IS VERY ADDICTIVE! Even after you beat the main storyline, the fact that there's tons of monsters to recruit gives it a lot of replayability.

    Yeah, well, i was dancing with tons of fit girls and taking a bunch of pictures.

    Yeah. I think it was because i was exhausted from dancing.

    Well, you get it when you're really sweaty, or when you don't wipe your arse properly.

    This song.
    I was going to have a lay-in, because i felt like i could sleep for a week. Surprisingly, i woke up at around 3am and i couldn't get back to sleep, so i got up around 4, but around 5 i was feeling tired and i went back to bed and dropped off, now i got up a few minutes ago.

    I woke up because...ugh, this is embarassing, have you ever had that feeling in your arse where it's all red from the middle and going down and it's REALLY sore to touch and when you move it rubs together making it feel even worse? Yeah, THAT somehow appeared on me during the night and ruined my lay-in, so yeah...

    By the way, you will NEVER GUESS what song played at the prom!
    Well, there was no alcohol, unfortunately, but there was as much coke as we could drink lol. Obviously there was music, dance, the works! There was also a buffet, but i ate before i got there so i was stuffed XP. Luckily, there was an area outside with tables and chairs, good thing too because there was NO WAY i could have survived in there for 4 hours!

    For the last...say, hour and 3/4, when it started to go dark, the repeated flashing lights and the fact that it was dark at the point where i could hardly see anything made me feel really dizzy and light-headed for the rest of the prom. Seriously, a lot of the times i zoned out, thinking the prom was a dream or a memory, and i would return to my senses and think "Damn, am i still here?" And because i was constantly dancing with girls, i was EXHAUSTED when it finished.
    ^_^ and soft...

    How many pets have you ever had at once?(like the most... (gosh that's a hard question to put into words...))

    I had 2 fish
    2 birds
    2 cats
    and one dog...
    Well, it's a big dance, there's gonna be tons of fit girls, you know?

    Click it, and see how you feel.

    Then stick the stupid book UP YOUR FANNY and start reading a GOOD manga, like Bleach or One Piece!
    Actually, hardly anybody is actually going with a date, we're just...going...you know, dancing with whoever the hell we feel like.

    Click the video, it's a funny one.
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