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  • Yeah, where DP excelled was the continuity and plot, as well as the battles, but the character interaction and humor took a major step back. They need to find a balance between the two.

    As for Dawn, in the beginning she also had the initial hype of a new character going for her. But after she wasn't, "new" anymore, a lot of her quirks became routine so she didn't stand out as much. And yeah, re-treading the Contests and having parts of her personality being very similar to both Ash and May kinda made her more of, "We've seen this before," kind of deal.

    The thing that bothers me is Dawn in DP's last eps has almost the same personality as she did in the beginning. She's grown in coordinator skill, but her personality is almost exactly the same from the start. With May and Misty, I felt like they became very different characters during their last eps than their debuts.
    The BW saga seems like its bringing back Kanto's style of humor, which can only be a good thing.

    For as good as DP's plot stuff was, it was severely lacking in memorable group dynamics. It didn't help matters that Dawn lost her luster after about a year into DP.
    That is true about Iris, even if she's interesting initially she may lose her quirks when she starts traveling with Ash. I felt the same about Dawn at first, where I honestly thought I was going to really like her but that faded quickly enough.

    I wonder if Iris will be the same, where for the initial 50 or so eps I have an interest, then it kinda dies down like what happened with Dawn.
    I noticed the favorite characters in your sig seem to be the rivals, except for Gary. Any reason he is excluded?

    Its too bad Misty was never focused on that much in the show, especially during the Johto arc. Do you feel as if May had better closure as a character and with her interactions with Drew/harley?

    Iris looks interesting so far.
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