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  • @thelittlelegend: Don't worry about it. It's no biggie. ^_^ | About my disappearance, I'll give you the breakdown once I get the chance.

    @El Panda: Thanks! I had fun. ^_^
    @Xashlei: lol Of course! XD The forum has been pretty dead.....although, then again, I haven't visited it much since the new branches came about.......
    @Sheer Cold: Yeah. I bet it seemed that way for as long as I was gone. >.>

    @Emperor Giratina: It's a very long story. Cosmar or Sheer Cold could give you a quick rundown of it since I told them the whole story, or I could probably retell it during a chat session in the club forums, but yeah I remember you buddy. ^_^
    I can easily say, it's great to be back! :D
    Congratulations on the name change by the way. ^_^
    Hey, hey, hey! Long time no see, pal... I see that you are online... Why were you absent for such a long time? :D .... Remember me? I am Invinsible Metagross... I just got my Username changed to Emperor Giratina! :D
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