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  • Yeah, well, I'm kicking myself for keeping an optimistic mindset on it (I tend to be optimistic about things a lot). I haven't been keeping up with the anime, so I haven't seen the Nerfs in Pokémon myself except in posts about what others said. So a lot of people saw this coming a mile away and warned us. And it really hurts.

    I guess I'm glad it's not the original Mewtwo and that his character's pretty much left alone, but the inclusion of a second Mewtwo puts a dent in his uniqueness as a character. If this was a way to appeal to a new generation, it was the wrong way to do it. Didn't help new viewers saw the reairings of the first movie and Mewtwo Returns, so this movie with a completely different Mewtwo screws it all up.
    Thanks! I honestly don't know why people would argue that this is the same Mewtwo, or if it's the same one, not something to be bothered about.
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