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  • Sorry, forgot to reply to your message from before! I think I'm one of those previous members you're referring to. :) I've been here for a while...
    There is no problem to get them if u'r patient. That's a lot of hard work to see a shiny one, but that's satisfaction of capturin' shiny pokemon justify your sacrifice.
    btw. i'm going to renovate the look of my shiny card, coz this is still too archaic.
    ps. try to start your own shiny hunt;)
    No problem:) In Poland we say "The tip of your tongue can guide you" / "Koniec języka za przewodnika";]
    Well, I tried to inform there twice but it said that the material isn't verified/don't have permission or some error like that.
    Well, sorry but I don't have much time nowadays coz of SUPER STUDY LOAD.
    I think I will just hangout here & on bulbapedia.
    Ok, I will try to but just to mention that I am quite busy nowadays but still when any PokéNews will be available, then I will try my best to inform Serebii, Bulbapedia and PokeZam.
    What is the process of posting news at PokeZam?
    Of course you can join. I'm going to send you the invite now. And I'm also going to add your vote to the list. I hope you'll enjoy the group ^^.
    From what I recall, the activity went down a lot when the whole Pokebattlers association ended and there was a major fight between all of the staff, and some of them left and never came back. Then it got pretty sad around there.
    Yeah, I joined their forum just a couple of months after I joined this one and I've been going back there on-and-off. I don't bother to check them much because I'm a college student now and I don't have as much time on my hands anymore.
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