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Last Activity:
Mar 9, 2015
Apr 23, 2011
Likes Received:
Oct 24, 1996 (Age: 23)
On the shores of Innsmouth
Nine-to-Five Villain

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Posthuman, 23, from On the shores of Innsmouth

Niihyl was last seen:
Mar 9, 2015
    1. DVB
      Welcome back! How ar eyou doing
    2. InnerFlame
      Oh that's fine, I was think of starting on Saturday/Sunday Night anyways since I'll be done with all my activities by then. I got approved for a discussion thread so I should have that posted soon.

      I'm okay though at the moment I'm in slight pain and large knot has appear on my right shin... so it's time for me to get out the ice. I bang it against something/someone during karate, we're doing a Halloween performance on Friday, and other one on Saturday for the people going up a belt rank.
    3. Guywhoiam
      I love it whenever Gods Must Die gets a sign up even years later.
    4. Agent Tectonic
      Agent Tectonic
      At least half of the city will be toasted, but if it comes to down to it, I may just have to burn as much as I can.

      Oh no; my worst enemy: Tropes.

      XD Yes, we could totally do that. Problem being that Weavus would never kill a god. He'd be fine if a certain other finished one off, but he holds the gods above enough respect to never kill any of them outright. Would only make more enemies once he is a god.
    5. Agent Tectonic
      Agent Tectonic
      True. True. Well, I plan to have Hearthome burned to the ground or firmly in Xiav's control depending on how my clash with Primal goes.

      That may be the better option. Wouldn't do well to leave him entirely out of the loop.
    6. Agent Tectonic
      Agent Tectonic
      Hey, soo, how should be we go about planning this overthrow? And do you think we should seriously do this via PM. Don't want prying eyes to see our plans. <_< >_> o_o
    7. InnerFlame
      Thank you very much.
    8. Agent Tectonic
      Agent Tectonic
      That's great.

      No problem!
    9. Meeker
      Uh-huh... Sure. ;)

      Heh, good luck! You two will need it!

      Anyway, nice to meet you.
    10. Agent Tectonic
      Agent Tectonic
      Yes, we shall hide it in plain sight. [though Meeker is a habitual VM stalker] We'll see on that last bit. Weavus is a lone wolf for the most part. I don't think he'd argue about who assumes Xiav control. He just wants more power to himself.

      EDIT: psssst, he's on to us!
    11. Agent Tectonic
      Agent Tectonic
      Yep. Weavus is the one in question. It's been a while for me too (outside of the previous installment of this RP), but Avenger is really good at driving me back to RPing. His stories are always intriguing.

      [Yes, we totally should! Let's bring the witch down and make Xiav in our image. . . along with our end goal of being gods. Weavus doesn't want to be the one sole god, just to be a god. XD]
    12. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      Breeding in General sounds terrible


      Not to mention we force parents to reproduce with their own children.

      I'll get around to adding your FC once the Thanksgiving break starts. I should have most of my school projects done by then.
    13. Agent Tectonic
      Agent Tectonic
      Just read your sign up for Necrosis. Guess you and I both have power-loving characters.
    14. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      I'm using Destiny Knot, it doesn't make the process any faster... :/

      I could use Dittos. I have a few from the GTS, but I could use ones with good natures and stuff. I have lots of Marills, Froakies (with Protean), Fletchlings (With Gale Wings), Honedges, Goomys (Some with Gooey) and Ralts to trade. xD
    15. GoldenHouou
      ... That image was not something I needed.

      You don't need to lose on purpose, I'll take care of making you lose for you. I'm a nice top like that. And ohh, I see. Damn, so just some random dude that got lucky. And I didn't know that about removing... Hmm.

      I'd love you forever if you could send me one with HP and Speed, because my search for a female Charmeleon with those two exact stats maxed from the Friend Safari is... not going well. To say the least. See, I have this Charmander with X/X/31/31/31/X, but he's male and uh, yeah. I was supposed to breed myself a new Garchomp before I realized I had that Charry though, so Attack and Speed Ditto would be awesome as balls as well. Or just send me everything. That works too. I have **** to offer, I think.

      Agreed, though those twenty "strong" Pokémon aren't really that special most of the time, anyway. I can't even begin to count the amount of Mewtwo, Xerneas and Yveltal I've murdered. Like, for real. My Gengar is standing on top of a pile of legendary corpses at this point. (And yes Gengar is a strong Poké too but shh). I'm still going to use a Meowstic, I think, I just need one that doesn't have < 10 Defenses around, ha.
    16. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      How?! I keep breeding these Honedges with three perfect IVs each, but one stat ends up not passing. :/ Yeah, this is generally why I prefer a simulator.Or hacking Azumarill is slow as heck without Aqua Jet, and needs it's defenses. Ageislash is kind of the same. Any defensive Pokemon really...

      I have three different papers due next week. I barely started any of those...

      If I ever find a group for it, I'll give it a shot.

      I'll read that link tomorrow I have to sleep now.
    17. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      I just discovered the Ageislash I've been using has a terrible Attack IV. When Shadow Sneak fails to kill a Jolteon at +2 there's a problem. :/ Breeding this thing is gonna take forever. It took me more than week to get the nearly flawless Azumarill...

      Your doing better than me. I'm still procrastinating on some school papers... I'll add you when I'm less distracted.

      I know, but it would be nice to give people Fairy safaris. 8D

      Never done Table top gaming. Not enough people around that are interested.

      Magical Girl?
    18. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      Ageislash winds up being hit or miss for me. When it works it works. But the times when they see the Kings Shield coming, so they take the turn to boost, then KO me the next turn if Shadow Sneak fails to KO them...

      Talonflame is pretty good though. It's surprising that it only has 81 base attack. xD

      3609-1527-2905 Friend Safari is Fighting with Throh, Meditite, and Riolu. I wish it were Fairy though...

      I've been good. Just dealing with University, Pokemon, and RPing on here. You?
    19. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      It's a shame that all you ever see online is the same twenty-odd "strong" Pokemon. I'm guilty of it myself, but still. Would be nice to see a little more variety.
      I know, every other team I encounter online has Greninja, Talonflame, or Ageislash. Yet I use them myself. xD/stalking.

      Hello, we haven't spoken in a while.
    20. GoldenHouou
      Plz it's all about accurraccy.

      I still have never used the restaurants/cafes/whatever. I'm just like "ew payment" and turn away. Hm. And wait, I didn't give you my code yet? Woah, brainfart, then. Lemme remedy that. *digs up old convos because turning the DS on takes like two seconds ew* 2895-7662-9799.

      I can trade you one when I get there. Collaboration and all that good stuff. Also, wanna tell me who the Ditto person is? Might want to have a word with them. 4 perfect IVs is fine in most cases, I'd think. I recently checked the IVs of all the new 'mons in my team (reset bag, whoo!) and. Yeah. I, uh, it's surprising how much ass a Pokémon can kick with stats like these:

      Meowstic - #678 (Mild)
      Female (♀)
      HP: 3 - 4
      Att: 2
      Def: 0
      SpA: 31
      SpD: 5 - 6
      Speed: 23

      To be fair, her Special Attack is awesome and her kids better inherit or else.
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    Oct 24, 1996 (Age: 23)
    On the shores of Innsmouth
    Nine-to-Five Villain
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    Friend Code: 0404-6904-4521
    Interested in tabletop RPGs? I'm always looking for new players for online games of Pathfinder, DnD 4e, nWoD, Shadowrun and more!
    Currently Enthralled With: Eclipse Phase and Numenera