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Mar 8, 2011
Jul 18, 2009
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Niker117 was last seen:
Mar 8, 2011
    1. ST8
      Hiya Nick. It would seem that you accepted my request, thank you.
      One thing I noticed about you is that you and are both pretty much even when it comes to the number of posts we've put. I'd like to propose a little contest between you and me to see who can upgrade their post picture quicker (that strip showing a Gym leader or Pokemon). You needn't accept if you don't want to but if you do then I will tell you that my post count is at 43. May the best guy win.
    2. Yuppirox
      Sorry to hear that, What do you play anyways? Soccer or football?
      Please try to keep conversations like these to VMs. The Pearlshipping thread is a place for topic discussions, not chatting. Try not to do that next time. ;)

      pearlshipping is getting way more popular than old timers' pokeshippers.
      And also, try to keep yourself from bashing other ships. People who stumble upon our thread might get offended. Also, the thread is to discuss Pearlshipping ONLY. A friend of mine, who's a Pokeshipper, mind you, got slightly offended when scrolling through the thread. As much as you don't like (maybe even hate) X-shipping, don't bash them. How would you like it if Pokeshippers were bashing Pearl in their thread? It's not nice, sorry. D:
    3. Adelaide1994
      oh, btw, Happy Pearl Day.
    4. Adelaide1994
      can I see your fanfic?
    5. Melody93
      About mention Pokeshipping as a conflict for Pearlshipping I have to say...

    6. ccangelopearl1362
      Greetings. I will admit to being a bit startled by the progress of your recent reflections about Ash and Dawn's romantic friendship, but I should still be fine. How are you?
    7. Brazillianguy
      Hey there, Nick!
      Just to say, I'm not against you, I mean, I like your posts, they are always full of reflections. About the questions, I just said that by inerent experience. The other threads, when a lot of questions were in charge at the same time, ya know, almost blew up...so...
      And btw, I also don't think that that Brock's question was completely off-topic, but the owners and the mods mainly just don't like to discuss these kinds of things on the shippers community, not even in the speculation section..
    8. Adelaide1994
      hey, watz up?
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