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  • No worries, I'm going through the same thing! I'm having less work due it being near Thanksgiving, but still super busy with after school stuff, so no need to worry! I understand you.
    Good, I suppose. How about you?
    Well the weather is really weird. Most of the time it is bad though. Ehm... I think most tourists only visit the big cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam but there's more to see here than just those places. But we have a really nice country, for sure. If there's anything specific you'd like to know just ask! Do you have a favourite football team? Mine's PSV Eindhoven but you probably never heard from it. :p
    I couldn't help myself, but i had to send you a message. A girl, from the US, that actually likes football (what you guys call soccer) AND Pokémon. That's a really rare combination, isn't it? Anyway, i was hoping we could have a chat sometime. Greetings from the Netherlands!
    Ah, that's good!
    I can understand that. I'm so used to being on Serebii every day, so I tend to go through withdrawals if our Internet goes down for quite some time.
    Nice comment on the thread!! :D bravo!!!
    Weather talk...you are in New Hampshire, right? It is interesting... it's not that far from here but you guys are very lucky... I guess the lake makes everything colder here... we are getting FROST on Halloween!
    I'm about your height. Are you a defender? I'm too... but you know what? If you are a defender and have some dribble and passing skills then you can make a difference and be the key person in your team. Being short is not a disadvantage, but if you play on the middle be sure to have a tall friend covering you... I play with both feet so I'm mostly side back or sweeper but when needed I attack too...look at the Japanese team, they are all short but they won the last cup! (what a game!)
    Point guard is a good position too, I don't play basketball that much but that position is great, you can pass the ball and sometimes shorter people are hard to mark (seriously)
    If you go to haunted houses please do it early to beat the crowds, that's the idea! Canada's wonderland is a great place, the rides are awesome and the food is expensive (nothing in life is perfect :p)
    I wish I could go outside today :( I usually walk everyday but I just woke up. Hehe. It's windy and cold outside...(same old weather...)
    Are you saying sorry for sending me long messages? Then I should say sorry times 10 for mine! I'm a big talker too, so don't worry...
    I saw you online last night but I just couldn't stay longer in front of my laptop after so many assignments. (boo!)
    See you soon! :)
    No problem! It's fine! I apologise too for not talking to you for some time. :S
    Ah that's cool! I'm on a week's break form school due to 'half-term' as we have it in the UK, primarily due to Halloween coming up. (despite me not celebrating it)
    Thanks for asking. :).
    Of course you can do it! I mean, I am a 17 year old, and I'm living here in a condo all by myself. You could say I'm independent :).
    Well, I'm also Chinese and Spanish. I could only speak 1-10 in Chinese. Spanish I think it's really common here. I also speak Japanese too from just watching anime Lol.
    Oh yeah, sure! I know, time difference sucks haha. I might not be on the whole day tomorrow as I have school, but I'm always online everyday. :)
    Yeah, good night there! :)
    Live on your own? So you mean to tell me you're going away to go to college/uni? That is a big change though. But nonetheless, I think you can handle things on your own :)
    Wow, so you can speak French too? I don't know much about Thai though. :)
    I know right? But you could still keep in touch with your friends, but I'm not doing that though.
    Being a Filipino, I'm so pleased to hear that from an American (you are American, are you? Lol). :)
    You are? God I miss high school... Anyway, enjoy your time left being in high school. That's the best part of a teenager's life. :)

    Yup I am! What friend? In person or here in Serebii?
    well my "overtime blitz" is finally over at work so i can now go back to a regular and more manageable schedule rather than wearing myself out by working nonstop.
    Ah, I mostly read discussions on here, Smogon, and GameFAQs.
    I can understand that. I usually try to get back to everyone who VMs me as soon as I can, but I do occasionally have things come up that can delay my responses.
    May I ask, are you a high school student?
    What's the point of my unknown location if I said it? Lol just jokin'. I'm from the philippines. :)
    No prob! Indeed you were busy. That's completely fine haha :).

    Just woke up actually lol. So how's life there in the US?
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