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Last Activity:
Dec 12, 2014
Aug 21, 2014
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United States

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Member, from United States

Nikki.Glaceon was last seen:
Dec 12, 2014
    1. Chaos Emperor
      Chaos Emperor
      im fine, i suppose. its okay, i understand people have a life outside of serebii. so what you up to?
    2. The Light Ruler
      The Light Ruler
      I'm fine. I've just been reading some discussions on ORAS. How about you?
      That's okay. I know people can get pretty busy with schoolwork around this time of year.
    3. Sheepy Lamby
      Sheepy Lamby
      I hope so too! No problem, late is better than never! :P
      Summer? What's that? Probably your Canadian relatives told you that here that thing called summer only happens 15 days a year :S
      Soccer and basketball? what positions? You are probably tall, which gives you advantage playing soccer...Volleyball is a great sport. I'm not tall so I played as a Libero because my friends hated defending (nice friends of mine!) lol
      I'm good, last night I went to a halloween hunt at Canada's wonderland... I was funny! zombies randomly would shout and chase you in the park... it was awesome!!
      How's everything there? Try to relax, it's the weekend!!
    4. Chaos Emperor
    5. Sheepy Lamby
      Sheepy Lamby
      (Lucky you, go and play!)
      You are right... the anime is so unpredictable that... well... who knows what will happen in 2 years when XY ends... I just feel scared of what they will do to Ash and Serena :S do you?
      Walk! healthy habit! Especially followed by pizza or Chinese food :P just kidding... walking is healthier than going to the gym... well, you must be healthier than me, I read in your bio you play soccer and volleyball, so I'm not the right person do give you this kind of advice, lol! Is the weather pretty? nice! Here in the big white north the weather is always cold, but that's also a good reason to go out because you don't need sun screen.
      But now "Cinderello" is cleaning the house :'( poor me!
    6. Spectro889
      It's nearly been a month. D:

      Phew. What's up Nikki?
      (man... it's been a while...)
    7. Sheepy Lamby
      Sheepy Lamby
      (And you have to live in a small town, that's something I know from reliable sources, shhh) :P
      Oh! talking about Amourshipping, sorry for being negative in the thread, these last episodes and the new themes are making me think the possibility to see them taking different paths :S
      Your welcome, you know you don't have to apologize to me :)
      You study hard and that is what matters!
      By the way... how are you?
    8. Sheepy Lamby
      Sheepy Lamby
      Hi there! I though you won the lottery and forgot your poor ol' friend from Serebii, lol!
      What to tell you about Amourshipping... the thread is a chaos, I don't know if you watch the raw versions of the anime, but many people (like me) think now that Serena will leave Ash to follow her dream... hehe, what do you think?
      oh! Thank you VERY much! It was a great day though!
      Take care! :) and don't worry, I told you before, we are all busy people.
    9. EonMaster101
      Yeah, it did. Haha, lol.
      What I always do: sit at home, do homework, play video games, read. Lol, the usual. :P This weekend we also had solar panels installed onto our house, so it was loud all Saturday afternoon... >_> Other than that, good. How was your weekend? :)
    10. Pokegirl Fan~
      Pokegirl Fan~
      I see. I'm looking for ssb4 stuff, you?
    11. Spectro889
      No problem!
      I live in the south-east of England, I live about an hour away from London. Right now it's about 8:55am.
    12. Sheepy Lamby
      Sheepy Lamby
      haha! You are always polite :)
      I told you this before: don't apologize! :P
      I understand you are busy, like many of us.
      Yeah! after what you told me I can tell she's lazy! don't worry I won't tell ;) muahaha
      Let me guess about you... you are talkative and sometimes you say things that no one (not even your friends) understand, and you probably are so passionate about what you like that after a while you ask to yourself: "why I'm doing this?" (5 points for me if I'm right) :P
      I'm great! Thanks for asking! My bday was yesterday and my sweetheart gave me a surprise dinner after a long day of college...once I finished eating I was so tired that I fell asleep :S what a party pooper!
      so now I have to stay overnight studying and doing homework :(
      How about you? I hope you don't have too much homework so you can go out and enjoy the weather before it gets colder... brrrrr!!
    13. Lightning Dragon
      Lightning Dragon
      Bah, we have our homecoming next week. I'm going to maul them all :3

      EH NOPE. I guess it was swoobat.
    14. matthew11
      Tnx for accepting my FR :) how are you?
    15. The Light Ruler
      The Light Ruler
      That's okay.
      Ah, I think I passed it with something like a D. I'm so bad with abstract math, but something like normal calculus is perfectly fine for me.
      Ah, I actually just downloaded the SSB4 demo not too long ago, but I haven't gotten around to playing it yet.
    16. EonMaster101
      Ah, no worries!]
      Yeah, haha same here! Minus homecoming, anyway.
      Oh, cool. :)
    17. EonMaster101
      Me too! :)
      Ah, I feel you... I'm in school right now, too. :/ Let the madness commence! Lol.
      May I ask, what grade are you in? I'm in 8th.
    18. Spectro889
      Not bad, how are you?
      (well because of the times different, it's about 7:30am atm, so I got school in about 30 mins time)
    19. Lightning Dragon
      Lightning Dragon
      And now to come back and shaymin to day. (Horrible pun)
    20. The Light Ruler
      The Light Ruler
      Abstract algebra is basically a calculus level of abstract math. It involves a lot of proof writing.
      I'm fine. I just finished up clearing Boss Battles on Intense in SSBB! How about you?
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  • About

    United States
    Favourite Pokémon:
    I'm 17 year old girl and I'm really into fashion, acting, etc.
    My inner geek is Pokémon and Soul eater (The anime)

    I've been into Pokémon since I was 6, when my brother introduced me to it. And every since then, I was hooked. I have watched almost every episode and movie (Except for BW series... because that just went down hill from there, let's face it lol) and even though I'm really into makeup, fashion, clothes, etc. most people don't expect me to be into this sort of stuff. I still wish Pokémon was real and everything.

    If I had to have a team of six Pokémon with me it would be:

    I'm really into Soul Eater the anime, as well and my favorite character is most definitely Death the Kid!

    I play varsity soccer and baseball. And did JV basketball for a year.

    If you want to be friends on Nitendo 3DS, I can't right now. I'm saving up for a new one since I shattered my screens somehow (Idk how hahaha). And I'm saving up for the new XY games. But I'll put up my friend code as soon as I get everything! Then the challenge is on!! :)

    If you want to follow me on twitter or Instagram, let me know! And if you want to be friends on here, send me a request or message! Always ready to talk or help anyone!! :)

    Pokemon, Soul eater, acting, soccer and baseball


    "People need fear to survive. We experience it so we can grow stronger!"- Maka Albarn ;471;