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Dec 12, 2014
Aug 21, 2014
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United States

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Member, from United States

Nikki.Glaceon was last seen:
Dec 12, 2014
    1. Sheepy Lamby
      Sheepy Lamby
      hahaha, nice teacher... I hope she is nice grading you! ,and she is lazy too, be careful of those teachers :S
      you are lucky she is not reading what you are writing about her.. can you tell me her email? 0:)
      are you quirky? that sounds interesting, but quirky means different things, so why do you call yourself like that? :S
      the hyper thing it's obvious, lol. :P
      you type a lot! poor fingers! yikes!
    2. Pokegirl Fan~
      Pokegirl Fan~
      Hi there how are you?
    3. Spectro889
      Lol, np. Yeah, we don't know whether Serena could dance or not, maybe we could find out next episode! :o (too soon for that I think)
    4. The Light Ruler
      The Light Ruler
      Accounting was pretty easy when we were dealing with proprietorships and partnerships. Corporations are a bit trickier, because they throw in stuff like dividends and tax liabilities.
      I don't think I've ever failed a math class, but I've come pretty close with abstract algebra. Proof writing just isn't really my thing.
    5. Chaos Emperor
      Chaos Emperor
      well when you reach college, you can set your schedule to almost whatever you want. :)

      well based on your username and your dawn avatar, i assumed you were a girl, not that theres anything wrong with girls, though girls scare me irl. :(

      if your a gamer you wont be dissapointed. my night has been meh, a bit apprehensive just cause thats how i am, and eating some mac and cheese to feel better.
    6. Sheepy Lamby
      Sheepy Lamby
      Hey! you call me dude!
      I'll get better dudette! :P
      I can help you improving your Spanish (but I'm starting to forget it though :S )
      weirder... :O what do you mean? lol
    7. Lightning Dragon
      Lightning Dragon
      Junior... Well, our Sophmore year is with Chem, not Bio. (Freaking hate Chem)

      But I can't remember, I take World History this year, and English 11, with Algebra 2.
    8. Lightning Dragon
      Lightning Dragon
      Well god darnit, you're taking Chem, and I'm a junior taking Bio...
    9. Lightning Dragon
      Lightning Dragon
      Hmmm... Sophomore?
    10. The Light Ruler
      The Light Ruler
      Ah, I've only had a couple of classes in high school that were taught at a college level. I had very few problems with college level accounting in calculus in high school.
      That's okay. Quite a few people I talk to on here can be bogged down with school work at times.
    11. EonMaster101
      You're welcome! Thank you for accepting! :)
      Good, thanks. How are you?
    12. Chaos Emperor
      Chaos Emperor
      well if school/work days were a bit longer to compensate for 4 a week instead of 5 the weekend would be longer. for example, my work shift is 930am-6pm monday through friday, but i would much prefer a work week of 730am-6pm monday through thursday instead, same with school weeks for students.

      i looked at jennxpenn's channel; it seems to be a channel more for teenage girls than for guys. also her gaming parts are just minecraft (which skydoesminecraft and his friends do a fantastic job of), the sims 3 (which i dont care about since EA is the devil), and pokemon crystal (which is only like 4 vids worth).
    13. Sheepy Lamby
      Sheepy Lamby
      I'm better I guess (after 4 bowls of chicken soup), thanks for asking :)
      You have an interesting background too, awesome!
      Tu hablas espanol? No entiendo, lol
      I see you are a talker, you are probably the person who send me the longest messages here!
      No problem I'm a talker too, and also IRL but after breaking the ice.
    14. Chaos Emperor
      Chaos Emperor
      i dunno but i would definitely prefer 4 longer work days than 5 shorter work days.

      im not familiar with any of those people, maybe i'll check them out someday.
    15. Spectro889
      Thank you very much! Plus I'm not good at making ideas, they just come to mind at a random point. xD

      I'm doing great too, thanks for asking. I just finished some load of homework which I have to hand in tomorrow (damn you school!), and I'm just going to take a break. By break, I mean surfing on the internet, lol.
      Anyway, let's start off with something. The part in XY043 where Ash probably messes up whilst doing his dance, and you see Clemont and Bonnie laughing at him, while Serena is trying to stick up for him. What do you think will happen? (hint inbound).
      Maybe she helps Ash with dance (I hope, but quite unlikely), or maybe she just gives him more encouragement?
    16. EonMaster101
    17. The Light Ruler
      The Light Ruler
      Ah, chemistry wasn't much my thing when I was in school. Math was always my subject.
      And I'm fine. I just got home from church and am just responding to VMs.
    18. Chaos Emperor
      Chaos Emperor
      i know, 2 days inst enough. :(

      i watch a lot of lets plays from people like nintendocaprisun, gameguy888, sgblikestoplay, and others. i also sometimes watch avgn nostalgia critic and the game theorists and the gamers at large podcast.
    19. Sheepy Lamby
      Sheepy Lamby
      hello!! :)
      I know you always help people, that's really nice!
      Just an advice, don't push yourself too hard helping. Sometimes we can overload our brain with other's problems and avoid ours.
      Do you have French-Canadian blood? Vive le Québec!? :P
      You know what?, they are very proud people and their mindset is different than the rest of Canadians.
      Now that you sharing facts about your background, let me do the same I will tell you I am not Canadian, I moved here from Peru about 6 years ago for family reasons. My background includes Japanese, European Spanish, Amerindian and a little bit of Russian. Of course I don't speak those languages, lol *ashamed*
      Good luck with your Chemistry project! :)
      You are also right, your brain needs rest (just like what I told you before) but try not to take long breaks.
      If you need help with science and other subjects I have online access to post-secondary resources. Don't hesitate on asking me for them.
      My day is... so so but thanks for your good wishes :) I went for jogging last night and caught a bad cold, so I'm in bed having chicken soup and trying to finish my presentations :S
      I hope you have a nice Sunday and get an A++++++ in your project! :)
      No problem, I can process lots of information like a robot (beep, beep!)
      See ya! :)
    20. Chaos Emperor
      Chaos Emperor
      Cool. :) my day is going good too though starting Monday that all changes when I'm going into "overtime blitz" at my job.

      Ya taking a break from things is important. Right now I'm watching YouTube videos.
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  • About

    United States
    Favourite Pokémon:
    I'm 17 year old girl and I'm really into fashion, acting, etc.
    My inner geek is Pokémon and Soul eater (The anime)

    I've been into Pokémon since I was 6, when my brother introduced me to it. And every since then, I was hooked. I have watched almost every episode and movie (Except for BW series... because that just went down hill from there, let's face it lol) and even though I'm really into makeup, fashion, clothes, etc. most people don't expect me to be into this sort of stuff. I still wish Pokémon was real and everything.

    If I had to have a team of six Pokémon with me it would be:

    I'm really into Soul Eater the anime, as well and my favorite character is most definitely Death the Kid!

    I play varsity soccer and baseball. And did JV basketball for a year.

    If you want to be friends on Nitendo 3DS, I can't right now. I'm saving up for a new one since I shattered my screens somehow (Idk how hahaha). And I'm saving up for the new XY games. But I'll put up my friend code as soon as I get everything! Then the challenge is on!! :)

    If you want to follow me on twitter or Instagram, let me know! And if you want to be friends on here, send me a request or message! Always ready to talk or help anyone!! :)

    Pokemon, Soul eater, acting, soccer and baseball


    "People need fear to survive. We experience it so we can grow stronger!"- Maka Albarn ;471;