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  • Fine by me...
    *Eats everything that's in the fridge, the cupboards and on the table*
    Raiding your fridge is way better than raiding Bakfool's, because that's mostly tasteless vegetarian stuff...

    *Feeds it to you*
    Say thank you, I know you like it!
    Well you are Mewtwo.

    Ahh. Big racing and F1 fan as well then I take it?

    Free to play weekend but you dont actually have the game(?)
    I always wanted to play that but I'll wait until it's cheap probably. Is it like C.O.D but with giant robots?
    But less work that lifting a piano.

    *Puts it on your sciency table*

    Breaking news. Science finds out that dragons are cool.

    You played the free version? Cycles should've been the last level, it first introduced the ball. Maybe they added xStep to the main levels of lite by now. I beat and got all coins on all main levels aside 6, the three demon levels, the new one, electrodynamix and hexagon force.

    Edit. GD Lite now has xStep and Clutterfunk(this one's pretty damn hard)
    Surely the lite version does a very poor job of promotimg the main game now as it has old levels that aren't very detailed and everything.
    There are also two free spinoff games:
    GD Meltdown with 3 levels about as hard as the first three of lite. Pretty, it uses 2.0. features(or was it 1,9.) so it isn't as good as the full version is now.
    GD World a pretty awful way to promote the new update, it came out weeks before the update but hackers leaked all the content before it even came out. The main levels of this one suck as they are super easy and last 13-20 seconds, but inspite of being a free version, it does let you play online levels.
    If you still have an android/apple phone, definetly get Geometry Dash Meltdown, and you can play World for the online levels there are good one like this.
    Surely that level is not all out on looks but it looks fun, I'll try it after I move the story forward a little bit.
    But maybe instead of a piano or a hammer you should try something less brutal, like strangle someone with a guitar string...

    For you, as payment for the broken wall...

    Kinda like the ball, but harder since it switches sides almost instantly.
    A rope, that's so uncool, bell hammer!
    So people would be wary of getting on the bell ringer's nerves.

    I bought bread!

    Yeah, now there's a spider mode! And some "story" but it's optional...
    I expect better from the leader of the pokemon world.

    No I meant what will you actually study lmao

    ...B-but I saw you and Zeph discussing it.
    Whats that supposed to mean? :/

    So what will you soley study at college then? Or are you undecided?

    That and Overwatch I see :p
    Or the hammer used for hitting said bell...

    Who said I was going there?
    I just went to a bakery!

    Yeah, the first one was version 2.0. the second one is the current, not yet fully bug free 2.1.
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