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  • Sarcasm will get you nowhere. >.>

    Then 3 years at college is it?

    So you back for good then? :D
    God knows this forum could do with some activity.
    Or a giant bell!

    *Turns invisible and hides in a lake of acid*

    Actually Global Offensive, I'm inclined to believe that it runs okay for him, because I doubt you can get 600 hours out of a super leggy game.
    He kinda has specs similar to mine, or at least says so, but levels with good visual effects apparently cause issues for him.
    Even those that don't have the "high object count" warnings. And low detail mode doesn't help him it seems.
    If this lags trying to render the visuals, I imagine the GPU would melt trying to process this.
    Blunt force trauma, yay!
    Though why stop at bronze? You can always batter someone with something classier...

    No, how about you?

    Well great, but enter bakfool barging in and saying his speech about how his PC runs counter strike just fine but geometry dash lags...
    Good luck. Solo queueing in competitive Overwatch is a nightmare. You'll get stuck with people who don't know what they're doing a majority of the time. And you can almost never carry an entire team by yourself. It's a team game and it must be played as such in the higher levels of game play.
    Cool cool. If I had a full team I could play with every night I would be at Diamond right now. Might even be at Master Rank. But alas, I mostly have only one friend I can rely on to play with and sometimes another. None of my other friends other than those two are competent enough at Overwatch. >_<

    [Don't ask. xD]
    Art is the weapon!
    But maybe not a puzzle solver...

    You can't build with paintball guns!

    Well that's sufficient enough. 2D games will work fine, maybe not as beautiful as Ori and The Blind Forest, but still still great.
    Wow, you're finally back. It's almost been a year since we have talked.

    Playing Counter-Strike. You?
    I'm climbing my way to Diamond Rank in Overwatch. I'm at 2714 right now.

    [*180° no-scopes you from a mile away with a shotgun* ;3]
    This is some nextgen voodoo magic, that cube is unsolvable!

    *Breaks both the jar and the wall*

    Aren't the key components for a PC, the motherboard, a processor, a graphics card, that cube that acts as power supply, a hard disk and some RAM?
    Because a disk drive and sound card are definely optional since sound is usually integrated in some other components.
    Okay fine you stupid science, solve that colored cube puzzle I was never able to!

    Then get a hammer or a knife for cutting glass!

    Oh, wait, how could someone as smart as you forget to get one?
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