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  • Niko? Is that you? O.O

    So you're what 16 now? Not too much more school left now right :/

    You've all disappeared from serebii these days.
    Well depends on the game. But in most cases it is already very in favor of the AI, better weapons, more enemies, deadlier skills for enemies. For example the different versions of Fates, Birthright lets you grind exp and money, Conquest does not, so enjoy getting out of your way into peril for the precious side loot, while most likely behind levels.
    So far I reached chapter 17 on Conquest/Lunatic getting all but one piece of side loot(which isn't worth it anyway) and without anyone dying a gruesome permadeath, but I see this chapter is going to be tough, so I'm sitting here with a piece of paper trying to impove my battle plan.

    Get the jar opening kit!

    Hey, mine has i3 and it runs them fine. Well I have an nvidia gts 450, so that's maybe something for 2011 tech.
    You're welcome, dude. Have been dead for several months as well here, but eh, I'm sort of back, brought to you by... I got honestly no idea. xD
    Then it can actually beat it...

    Bad fortune, and that curse someone cast, or are they both the same?

    Well skype turned into a pile of dog crap, so steam's the go to way for quick messages I guess...
    My PC is also old but, indie games!
    Is science allowed to reset on Classic mode?

    Great ide...
    *Gets the jar stuck on my head*

    Also, do you use steam and stuff? Seeing you weren't so active here and all for a while.
    I befriended Trickster Zorua and Bakfool(the name stuck, don't ask) but the latter doesn't even talk to me much, even about Geometry Dash even though it recently got an update, because he's playing couter strike all day long.
    Ooh, then what about Fire Emblem on Lunatic difficulty, the game does feature magic, monsters and dragons so chances are mr. science will back out...

    *Gives you the cookie jar*
    I'm not taking risks gettimg my paws stuck in there again...
    Science, if you're so smart can you beat the AI in a strategy game?

    We have cookies, burnt pastry, rainbow colored jello and ofc nutella.
    Not group RPs, it's individual. It's on SPPF, UPN and BGMF. It's like your own Pokemon adventure story like Ash Ketchum's. Just that this is in a different universe. It's really good if you make it.

    We have a forum on SPPF. Read through the rules etc. see if you like it?
    Say, want to have a PASBL battle? I am battling after 5 or more months, so you might be a bit more experienced.
    But mostly exams because otherwise you wouldn't be M.I.A for 2 months.

    So another 2 years of school after this year?

    Anyone except Zeph...
    Yup, those are mostly retro games, but is still a nice deal!
    I've sent you a friend request! Don't want to reveal my gamertag in the open, you see?
    It turned into a mirror, why ask?

    Edit. 2016.07.17
    I have a maths problem in my hands...
    What's the chance that something with a success probability of 55% per attempt succeeds five times in a row?
    *Jester/Ghost laugh*

    About your lab...
    A scaleless dragon moved in a last week to do research on scales, your equipment has turned into crystals...
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