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  • Unfortunately, I never quite managed to find anyone to play it with... I have a single booster pack of characters that I bought cheaply, but otherwise... =|
    Lol, Dave Grohl is awesome, but no, I haven't gotten all of their albums and Dvd's that come along with those, so up till now I have just let the music do the talking. But to the somewhat darker side. If you as me love all their songs, you can't really answer but try, "what do you think is their worst song/album?"
    I especially like, as in my sig "Everlong", I like "Good Grief" and "Alone+easy target"a lot. wich is your favorite album?
    Mine is "The Coulour and the Shape".
    Awesome, finally another Foo's fan! xD
    No problem, I got out of the service last month, it's been way wierder, my mom once got the whole town to throw me a parade when I got back now that was wierd.
    Hello, BCVM22, how are you.
    Nothing to report. Yourself?

    I must say, I agree with everything you said in the "That Olden Feeling" thread, and could not have said it better myself. In fact, you're one of the few members on here that I respect.
    I do what I can. I'm just flabbergasted at some of these arguments sometimes. "I'm older now, so these games shouldn't have anything advanced in them and should only be 2-6 hours long." Whaaa?
    Thanks, sure anytime you feel like you can ask for an illustration. Yes being unhealthy can be depressing, but I think trying to "think" positive can help you get over the unhealthy part, I'm sick at the moment, I have a cold and I never get cold, this is a big surprise really, but it's just a small set back, the rainbow after the storm will appear.
    You shouldn't be unhappy you know, well you could be, but why? I see you like fighting pokemon, wouldn't you consider yourself a fighter, do you think it's possible to beat what ever saddens you a lot?
    I'm cold, harsh and distant to people who leave me indifferent (i.e. pretty much the entire internet). In real life, however, I'm quite possibly one of the nicest people that have ever walked this planet. Yeah yeah, bragging, but w/e.

    tl;dr: I like your posts.
    Zuruzukin is actually one I plan to avoid using simply because of my fear of street teenagers. Come to think of it, I actually see street teenagers as animals, and as such should've added that suggestion to Animals that aren't Pokemon yet V3. It's just so ironic that they became Pokemon, which are the animals of the Pokemon world.

    I think Zuruzukin's English name might have the word 'chav' in it, because that's what they call street teenagers in Europe.

    Which version do you plan to get? I plan to get White because it has so many exclusive Pokemon that I like, including Machop.
    Heh, I actually plan on using Zuruzukin in my party, even though I'm not crazy about its appearance. Meh, I'll just give it a name I like, I'm thinking of using the name "Reglius" for him. May re-use another name for one I don't have any more, maybe "Euphorbus".

    lol, I don't go that far. If I did I'd probably get in trouble off my parents! :p

    A lot of people have said that Dokkora is the new Machop. Personally, though, I'll need a bit more time to reach a verdict. Maybe if it appeared in the Anime? However, Dokkora does remind me of the Tauren from Warcraft III, who wield huge wooden totem poles in a similar fashion.

    Two Pokemon that quickly caught my attention were Zuruggu and Zuruzukin. They remind me VERY strongly of street teenagers, right down to their typing (I always imagined the Dark/Fighting combo to be perfect for street teenagers, but never thought it would actually happen)
    Thanks for understanding. :)

    I just read your post in the same thread, and I do have some similarities, including intelligence and glasses. The most important of these similarities is that I live in a somewhat scummy town, or as I call it, street teenager territory. Because there are so many street teenagers where I live, I seriously don't feel safe in my own home!

    Sure, we don't get attacked by criminals very often, but they still happen, and one such theft has left me with severe paranoia, such that whenever I hear a sound outside I rush to a nearby window and expect to see a street teenager, and that I have my bed next to the window in my room to serve as a barrier against street teenagers that might enter my room through the window.
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