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    Because you touch yourself at night.
    That was good. I was really taken back that you said it too! I never would have expected it to come from you which made it like 10000x funnier XD
    I'm not sure if you'll read what I wrote on the Mary Sue thread but I'll tell you here because its important. I can tell you want to post your story here but are too nervous. I have Social Anxiety as well, Even posting little comment like this make me feel worried but even so I do it because I want to give you confidence. Your story sounds intresting and if you decide to post it I'd love to read it and give you support. The people here are very nice and I'm sure they would love to read you story.
    Hey there. I have seen you on here too. We post in alot of the same areas. Actually it is just Volcom. I really like their symbol ^_^
    Hey, I saw your request in my thread. I'm sorry to say that I can't do custom trainer sprites. Sorry for the inconvenience. Hope you can find someone that can do them though!
    Just saw your post on the Mary Sue thread, and all I've got to say is post it anyway. Serebii's full of awesome reviewers, so at the very most, you might be told (probably a little on the firm side but nothing too offensive-like) about Sues and how to avoid them. If that happens, you'll learn what to do and how to fix things up and be a better writer. Sweet deal, right?

    On the other hand, you've also got the chance that your character's perfectly fine. One thing I can't really say on the thread (because it's really my personal view of things) is that the definition of a Sue's pretty simple. They're just characters who rape the laws of the world they're plopped in (as in, scientific laws, canon -- including characterization, actual laws) just so the entire story can revolve around how awesome they are. That's what's really meant by godly. If your character can make reality its dog with her special powers or get into the pants of your favorite character or happens to be loved by everyone (or at least happens to be the object of jealousy by anyone who can't stand how beautiful she is/the fact that she can get into the pants of ____) or some combination of the above, then you've got a Sue on your hand.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is don't be too intimidated. You'll be fine. b)'')b
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