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  • I think that the best course of action now is to shut down and restart the rpg. Too many players are gone now and it's just filled with random stuff now. Even I can't figure out what is going on. I'm waiting to see what you plan to do.
    I think it's only me and the new character in the rpg now... I think everyone else has forgotten about the rpg or are too busy IRL to be on the forums often.
    I'll post soon and I think I see some lapse with character to character stuff. Not with character details and stuff, but like from post to post, some small stuff slipping out.
    I'm fine, albeit a bit bored with nothing to do on the RPGs I'm in and having nothing new to read on fan-fiction......

    So I'm just idling in a few random games while I try different weird games out.
    hiya, I guess I didn't let you know ahead of time and I guess you didn't see it either. I'm subtly having Sepra use iron tail but failing as he didn't notice, being caught up in the battle. I know that Sepra needs improvement in the attacks so he's going to learn when Kris figures out that Sepra can learn to use iron tail
    mmm. Well, time to work out the kinks in the relationship right Ninetailed? :D

    I can't believe that in most of my posts, I've been hitting over 500 words D: It's scaring me :p
    I'm bored, having nothing to do. :p

    I've already posted in the RP thread.

    I need to find entertainment as I wait for the inevitable to happen to the other 3 rpgs I'm already in. This is excluding yours which just started.

    I've had too much time to daydream about some RPG ideas, none of which will work here.
    I've made a few minor edits to my sign-up, mainly fixing the town so that he evolved at Snowpoint City instead of canalave city, which is impossible as a glaceon. I goofed up :p
    Yay! I didn't epic fail like I normally do!

    Can you link me to the thread or something I can't find it anywhere...

    Here's a sprite I tried to make of Ryder, let me know what you think.

    I couldn't find the discussion thread...
    Hey, I liked your idea for the Pokemon Perspective, and I'd like to help out with the plot and such... sorry if I'm kind of popping out of nowhere...
    Sorry, I've been busy. I didn't mean to not answer back to you, but my computer had a problem after I wrote up what I wa going to send back to you an school has been hard. I'd like to continue on with what we are doing, If that's okay?
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