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Last Activity:
Jun 24, 2010
Feb 20, 2009
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Home Page:
under a desk.
Babysitting :P

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AspiringShinyHunter~, from under a desk.

Nini was last seen:
Jun 24, 2010
    1. j-master
      The ghost type lovers group is holding a special halloween event now so check out the 'event' thread in the group if you want to see/participate in it...
    2. Meluvia
      Just informing you that the Ghost Lovers Group is now holding its first tournament.
      First prize is a shiny Darkrai, Second is Shiny Sableye and Third is shiny Shuppet.
      Only 20 are being accepted, so post your FC in the tournament thread if you want to reserve a spot.
    3. j-master
      welcome to the ghost type lovers Nini
    4. Troggy
      No problem, let me know if I can help you with anything else!
    5. Troggy
      Hey, you good for trading now?
    6. pidge14
      thanx for brick break ;D
    7. pipluptrainer
      Wow you gave it all those moves!thanks,I gave yours toxic!
    8. pipluptrainer
      Ok sorry I'm taking so long,it's just so busy these days!I got the egg for the chikarita and will hatch it by tomorrow!Promise,anyways I have to since I'm going to be busy with platinum and I need to finish trading with every one!
    9. pipluptrainer
      probably!Hope so!
    10. pipluptrainer
      Sorry can't trade today,I'm really busy!!
    11. pipluptrainer
      Oh wow you gave it flare blitz!!thanks alot!
    12. pipluptrainer
      I got the totodile for you.pm e to trade!
    13. pipluptrainer
      And is it ok if the totodile has egg moves?
    14. pipluptrainer
      Ok should I nickname it?
    15. pipluptrainer
      Oh,forgot I have to breed the totodile,then hatch it,so do you want to wait or should I give you a feraligatr?
    16. Nini
      TMs up for trade:
      01. Focus Punch
      05. Roar
      10. Hidden Power
      12. Taunt
      15. Hyper Beam
      21. Frustration
      22. Solar Beam
      30. Shadow Ball
      31. Brick Break
      34. Shock Wave
      36. Sludge Bomb
      37. Sandstorm
      41. Torment
      42. Facade
      47. Steel Wing
      48. Skill Swap
      49. Snatch
      50. Overheat
      51. Roost
      53. Energy Ball
      56. Fling
      57. Charge Beam
      59. Dragon Pulse
      60. Drain Punch
      62. Silver Wind
      63. Embargo
      66. Payback
      67. Recycle
      76. Stealth Rock
      77. Psych Up
      78. Captivate
      79. Dark Pulse
      82. Sleep Talk
      84. Poison Jab
      85. Dream Eater
      87. Swagger
      88. Pluck
      89. U-Turn
      90. Substitute
      91. Flash Cannon
      92. Trick Room
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    Home Page:
    under a desk.
    Babysitting :P
    Favourite Pokémon:
    'Sup. You'll probably find me stalking the trading boards. :B

    Drawing, video games, writing, and... breathing..


    Chained- ;300;x3, ;179;x8, ;403;x11, ;238;x6, ;396;x4
    Masuda- ;302;
    Random Encounter: ;064;