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Ninja Bulbasaur

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  • Ayyyyy congrats! The graduation ceremony's just right around the corner, eh? Just kicking back and not giving a crap, now?
    A year's break is good.
    Lol well good luck on those exams. Just those few more feet and you're home free--or however that saying goes |D.
    You should take this summer to relax (and sleep in) and pull yourself back together, but you shouldn't wait too long to figure out what to do next.
    Naw, I get that. I have a bad habit anyway of not replying to things for weeks on end (but I have no real excuse for that, I just get lazy), and summer vacation's about to come up, so everyone's busy.
    Well, hopefully you have plans for after high school. Are you waiting a year before jumping into college? Already have a job lined up? I sometimes wonder if I should've waited to start college (I started it within a few months of my graduation) or if getting in at the right time was the best idea I had--I'm still not sure on that one yet lol. But no matter what, take advantage of your last summer vacation, because summer vacations are non-existent after high school. (Though apparently colleges do have summer breaks, but I went to one that had ten-week-long semesters and a week or two break in between.)

    You still haven't had spring break yet? Damn. Fight on, Ninja.
    Yeah, that's what happens when you grow up, the world just begins to weigh down on you without warning. My energy's been sapped little by little since high school, so I get that. In my case, though, what's replaced the sapped energy is cynicism, so that's what I run on nowadays lol.
    Omg it haaaas D8! It's so nice to hear from you again, Ninja, how have things been? Lots and lots of stuff had to have happened, I wonder how much you've grown (I'm getting hints of it just from that short message alone, wonder if your energy's the same or if it's calmed). How's your sister Moonlight been doing?

    The nostalgia bomb finally caught up with you, eh? I've been hit with it myself as well, though not in Pokémon, and I actually kinda like that feeling of the nostalgia "oomph" lol.
    I'll be able to find the episodes, so I'm not worried.

    By the way, I finished watched all of Umineko just recently. I actually liked it, though it didn't have that "oomph" Higurashi has. Guess it's because the anime's going to go incomplete, so everything that makes Umineko amazing I'll just have to track down on my own time. But still, it was entertaining. I also discovered there were specials the actual voice actors and actresses did as I guess parodies, but the four I found were pretty lame. Doesn't look like the special episodes 5-26 are ever going to get subbed, and I doubt they were included on the DVDs/Blu-Rays over here. Oh well.
    ('Tis okay.)

    XD Understandable. (So don't watch One Piece around her, then XD.) I think my brothers found all of the episodes. I don't know where they were watching it, though.
    XD Well now I gotta watch Soul Eater at some point. My brothers loved it and talked about it a lot, so one of these days.

    As to be expected ;3.
    Cooking Mama I can definitely see (I had her in mind a bit), but I haven't exactly watched Soul Eater, so that's more on opinion-based, I assume XD.

    Yeah, that's the one.
    Oooh, yeah, that's not good. I guess you just have to know the right types of websites to download them from or be very savvy on how to block viruses. Roughly, how long would you say it took you to finish watching it all? I have a huge list of animes I have to catch up to at the same time. ^^ I am highly interested in Corpse Party though. I think the graphic design for it is really good, at least in the PV. Are you sure?
    Aww, thanks -^_^-. Though keep in mind that I haven't written anything else for the story for a while, so... yeah...

    I'm bad at keeping my muse... it's busy working on another story right now.
    I guess, but it's just not the same when you're not the one actually playing it. Ahh! That reminds me! I have to finish watching the walkthroughs for HetaOni! Well this just adds to my already long to do list. -o-' Yeah, the only problem I had with it was that there was an excessive amount of blood. One second, the characters are talking, next second the guy is cutting off some part of a monster...

    So very sorry for the late reply! u.u
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