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  • ACTUALLY. I support Barcelona. However, I was actually born and lived most of my childhood in Madrid, before moving to Barcelona with my girlfriend a year ago. Well, now I'm living in Stoke in England for a year because I'm attending Staffordshire University there starting from September :) Even though I'm originally from Madrid though, I can't remember ever supporting either Real Madrid or Atletico Madrid, I've been a Culé since I was 9 years old, although my relatives are all Real Madrid fans, with my uncle, whose from Malaga, a Malaga fan obviously...The GF is actually from England though, she's from Sheffield but supports Manchester United like you. I met her four years ago when my familiy visited England for a holiday.

    EDIT: Also, congrats on the sig ^_^
    So I see you're a United fan :) To spice up my Serebii experience I need a few pals to talk about football to. Nice to meet ya chap :)
    I just find the motorbike to be kinda out of the blue. It's as obbesed as Oasis having a john lemon sample in one of their DOYS singles. Do you have last.fm?
    Haha, what the hell are we doing arguing on a forum? I know I will be seen as a douche-bag in the thread from now on, but I don't wanna quit it. Let's just shake hands?
    >Kaiser Chiefs poster (second favourite band)
    How can you put up with the cheifs (Aka Blur ripoffs).
    Oh I know. I had to edt every single Link to every single DW Pokemon. That sucked so badly, I can imagine yours with all the colors, bols, special characters and whatnot lol.

    But yeah, Neoseeker's been my fallback for awhile, and even though it's more quiet there, it's better modded and more friendly :).
    Same! anyways, hows now? what gen do you play, as I'm ready to go. Whatever Gen you pick, you can you either my HG FC, if we play 4th Gen (that's what i'll use) or use my White FC, if we are Playing 5th Gen. Can't wait to play, Donut :)
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