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  • No idea xD

    I just don't think they liked each other much,,,

    Not sure as to why he got banned exactly.
    You gotta hear her song Circus!
    Even more awesome! <3

    It's goin good I guess xD
    Hows you goin? :p

    I dunno what happened to Clash : O
    He hasn't been on msn either so...

    I'm assuming it's got something to do with Babylon.
    No idea : (
    haha thank you! I nearly created a thread the other day for people to complain about all the idiots that make stupid pointless threads, and then i realised...i would be doing exactly that!! So i refrained :p
    I am doing fine Anday maboy thanks for asking.
    And hey it´s alright if you arent on here much same goes for me really.
    Hey you are busy, but I thought I could talk to you in here. so you would read it later on. I have had an awfull day. Sometimes I don't know why.. I mean I have goals, but still. Why do I have to get so many negative days, I dunno S:
    And I skipped a question of you: the rage is over yeah. And I don't feel hatred or so to you. Maybe it was the best that Tiffanny deleted all our posts. I was to hard on you yeah. And strange enough, I still like you, /head. Ehm, if you want I could invite you for msn. After I raged I also realised that I had to reduce my msn list to get more stuff irl. I don't wanted to do that by blocking/deleting people, cause if you have 200 people it takes a while to block and delete people, aswell it is not be over seen. I only added like 15 people now. So you can understand blocking 200-15=185 people is not an option.

    Oh and I have another question, just out of curiousity, our posts got deleted by Tiffanny, and I do believe I need an infraction for my posts, but ehm, I didn't got one. And I suspect that Tyler said he infracted me, but that was not for those posts. So fair is fair if you got infracted aswell, I should get it also.
    "I never had any problems with you until you suddenly exploded in my face, then took it public in the club."
    So now you do? there is way more than that past btw. Aswell it is in the present, but there are also problems that have nothing to do with teasing/ treatment, but problems that have to do with life/money/other business.
    I don't think it is to save that xD. I rather think it is ignoring, or maybe I disobey the sppf rules without being infracted
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