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Recent content by Nintendo_6444

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    How old are you Pokemon Diamond and Pearl fans?

    My first game was yellow. And i'm 14 now.
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    The NEW Official Super Smash Bros. Brawl Thread

    Rexs would be awsome. They are adorable. Altough I can't think of anything they could do...
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    The Worst Game You've Played.

    If I see Another remark about Shadow I'll rip my Head off... Sonic CD. So What if its classic? It SUCKED. Trime travel was lame and Jump sound souned bad. Spndash also was Crap. Peelout was Utterly useless. Super Mario Bros. Boring... Super Mario 64. Feels Nothing like a Mario game AT...
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    Sonic the Hedgehog club V3

    Can I join Please?
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    585 New Avatars

    Neato Gabite. Although I'm sticking with Flying Bouzel.
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    Rate how well known the above user is

    3/10 I saw you... Twice...
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    Rate The Signature Above You {v.02}

    7/10 Meh...
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    Rate The Signature Above You {v.02}

    8/10 Banner is cool.
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    Favorite Sinnoh Grass

    Torterra. Although I prefer the look of Turtwig, Torterra is pretty tough.
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    coolest looking shiny

    Mew. I love blue
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    I am back!

    Remember me? He he... Not Much happened to me while I was gone, Cept for the Fact that I became a HUGE Sonic fan. So Yesh... Oh And i'm 14 now. *Coughs* So anything happen here? Like New Avatars, other stuffs... *Looks to her right* Gabite Smile is still here! Whoot! Uhh I forgot my...
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    Airing in Summer '07?

    One time the air date for a BF episide said 4/9/09.... I'm sure it'll be around late march/early april.
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    Masago town's US name.

    SandGem TwinLeaf. They sound okay.
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    elyvorg's Sprite Requests

    Another request. Pokemon: Naetoru/Turtwig Type: Dragon
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    The Pro-Cloning Club

    Can I join? I don't have any event legends, but I have tons of Starters and FR/LG legends.