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  • You could give her a gift, a necklace maybe? Try not to be a best friend but try to as well, if you understand.

    Either way you should always try to make her feel special, and maybe kiss her a few times if you havent already.

    Conclusion, try to act more like a boyfriend then a best friend but never stop being a best friend as well.
    No, I didn't become friends with that guy. I mean I am on Facebook, but that means nothing really. There's always next year.
    so now i'm silly.
    talkin liek dis @ tiems is quite amusing, but it makes me feel as if i may be losing a couple braincells each time i type. ..
    i think the fact that i don't have 2 type liek dis 2 be kool, makes me much koooooler, sooo i'll basically win right away! :3
    Ahaha that's odd. If I said that to people they'd think I'm an *****hole. And I haven't spoken two words to this guy so I think that'd be a weird phrase to start things off with haha.
    You made friends with a guy by saying FU<K YOU all day? Haha, priceless!! I guess I could do that whats up thing. I know he likes funny movies like the Hangover and stuff, and I love that movie too. So I could appeal to that part of his humor too I suppose. Ugh, such a complex procedure aha.
    Well I have no chances to talk with them whatsoever, I mean I wouldn't even know what to say. My other friend says I should just say hi when I pass by, but I don't really think guys do that. It'd seem gay probably.
    Same here. Me, the other guy, who is very feminine in the first place, then 6 girls. I don't know how to get things started with these two guys I think I could be friends with.
    Well people who have them need to be medicated more or less. We also need to learn coping strategies. If it's the result of an anxiety disorder (like OCD or PTSD) it won't just go away without help
    Ummm it's like a sudden nervous breakdown that lasts for like a half hour. It can have symptoms like difficulty breathing, chest pain, dizziness, and extreme anxiety with no real source. It's a very difficult experience
    no hunni.
    weed isn't addictive like that.

    i mean, i won't lie. i want to smoke always ..but if I can't ..it's fine. No withdrawls. at all. :x
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