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  • thank you for the reply, i guess i'll just need to hold off on that meadow pattern vivillon for the time being.
    thanks, which pattern is your safari FC? 1 member here has native modern pattern in-game but a polar pattern in the safari. i had one player from long ago that had a meadow pattern in their safari but i removed that FC by accident long ago. if by chance your FC safari is a meadow pattern then it also works out for something in return. i do have plenty (60 options) of gen6 bank ball females in one of my PKbank apps, i can at minimum offer you 5 of them for registering your FC.
    hello NotoriAria, can you please tell me which vivillon patterns you have access to? im looking for a meadow pattern sassy/heal ball vivillon with a normal ability. i can offer you some gen6 bank balls or gold bottle caps/1 master ball in gen7 in return for a single vivilon that matches those 3 areas.
    hello NotoriAria, im looking for someone with a meadow pattern vivillon friend safari (in gen6) for a gen7 use. which pattern is your vivillon in your gen6 game? if so can please have access to your friend safari? i have a fighting: Sawk Machoke Tyrogue safari
    And I have added yours. Can you help me to transfer a pokemon from my X game to my OR after your trade?
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