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  • No problem, the Eevee by itself is fine, I feel like its a fair trade as is. I have both choice items, which do you want most? Also the Foakie is nickname-able, if you want to nickname. This same time tomorrow?
    Can not be nicknamed. Will look up the other info. Do not need the de-EVing anymore, you were offering a few flawless shiny pokemon I was interested in however

    Also, your inbox is full
    Idk how to upload battle vids to youtube sorry. If I knew I would x3 Oh good night. Have a nice rest. ;3
    Yeah, I realized that afterI said that, when I was setting up my team and saw their typing. Krookodile and toxicroak were in my mind as half water-type for some reason. I mean, it would make sense for a crocodile and amphibious pokemon to be part water-type lol.
    It was still a shitty team, so replace "mono-type" with "shitty" in the previous messages.
    It might have to wait until tomorrow lol.
    If history is any indicator of how long this next battle will be, I don't have the time for another right now.

    The two we had today took forever.
    Lol, we did share a real battle the first time around. I even said from the get-go, before the second battle even started, that you would probably win.
    However, it might've been different if you hit yourself in confusion just once.

    I'll let you know when I have my team set up since you seem to be so eager though lol.
    Sure, I'll message you when I'm free....and I'll bring a real team again, like I did for the first battle lol.
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