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  • Hi, thanks again for the Pokemon Go help. I achieved the collection today. Btw may I ask what's the story behind your forum username?
    Vouching for njarizona. Really nice guy and goes out of their way to accommodate to you.
    He also has a great trade shop with many things available!
    Vouching for njarizona,
    Kind and knowledgeable fella.
    Trades and planning went smooth across Home and SwSh with absolutely no issue and everything was correct.
    Definitely would have no problem trading with again if things match up.
    Just vouching for this guy as a positive trade experience, successfully completed trades in three different sources (Gen 6, SWSH and Pokemon Home) and was very timely in getting it done. 10/10 would recommend
    If anyone is wondering if this dude is legit...
    He is 100% legit! Please consider trading with him, great secure trade! Thanks again for Zeraora!
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