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  • To be honest, I haven't been keeping up with Bionicle news. PM me the news you want posted and I'll post as soon as I can. Send me a reminder on facebook as well; I don't check Serebii as often since my Guild was closed.
    Considering the fact that "CONFIDENTIAL Not to be copied or disclosed" is on each of the images, I'm not really comfortable posting them. I'll post the news, but I will not post the images.
    The only post that wasn't ours last month was someone joining. This branch is dead, so just have it closed.
    The failbook branch is still active to my knowledge. Focus on that one, as well as any others that are active.
    I have no idea. The problem is that it's a club here on Serebii. People don't come here for Bionicle; they come here for Pokémon. Another problem with it being here is that it needs a post every week, and it can't only be from you. The best option may be to close this one, and have what few active members we have to join other, more active branches.

    Before we do that, however, we should do a member sweep. Any members who don't post by a specific date are removed. Make a decision based on what happens.
    I have nothing to say in this branch (the main problem with having a branch here). I guess I can post Graowthor the Nightmare, but that's about it.
    If nothing else, you can PM me the trivia for the week and I can post it. Just don't tell me the answer to it.
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