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  • Lol, I know what you mean. I've always ~kind of known~ I was bi since I was young but Pokegirls only amplified that side of me.
    Nice to meet you, lets talk a bunch in the future :3 *hugs*
    Korrina's my overall favorite and i have a major crush on her :3 Which...is.....new to me. I haven't had that much of a 'thing' for other girls before she came around o_O its a little confusing XD she reminds me of all my past male crushes, though...hahaha....

    I am very nice :3 I care a lot about others. *hug's you*
    Hi! Welcome to the forum :D I would of welcomed you in your thread, but i was worried the word 'guys' mighta been in it (i worry that a lot; i'm autistic), so i didn't click it. I would love to be your friend, though :D What do you think of korrina? :eek: :)
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