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  • We should battle sometime! Although I have to do so on my phone because my PC can't keep on PS long without overheating. We just need a time when we're both on. ._.
    Hackmons is great too, and 1v1 CC.. :p
    What's your favorite tier outside gimmicky ones? I tend to like lower tiers like RU, NU, PU etc.
    Relaxing, but boring at times. I'm trying to get out more lol.
    Are you a spy? ._.
    Yeah, I would like little cup ^_^ I might want to make a team for that sometime :)

    I invited you to her newest forum :) You'd like that forum; i made a ton of threads about girly things in the general board XD
    Sounds like a very bright future ahead of you and I certainly only wish thee best for you. :)
    Do you battle competitively, casually, or both? :eek:
    I've been wanting to get back into the spirit of competitive battling as of late. But casual matches can be just as fun, such as Challenge Cup!
    There's not a lot to my life. I browse these interwebs, play games, self-study on science, philosophy, politics etc. watch Netflix & YouTube, and go for my occasional walks to ease and relax my body and mind. It's not often I get out otherwise unless it involves adulting. :p
    That's true, although I'm not sure how demand those careers are in. You're definitely right, they're not useless. I must've been half asleep typing that last message lol.
    Yes, prepare for the linguistic onslaught of a lifetime. :p
    What other things do you enjoy doing as hobbies and interests?
    Yeah, showdown's a fun site :D I bet you use a lot of cute pokemon when you go on there x3 I wanna learn to team build again, lol. My old fairy team was amazing.

    Yay, rainbow starlight makes a lot of cute skins, btw :) I should have her make you a little twin stars skin sometime^^ A lana skin would be nice, too, but she hasn't watched sun and moon XD

    Yay for cuteness!!! :D

    Yay! I love your posts! :3 thank you^^
    I invited a showdown friend to this place. Maybe my forum woulda been a better idea xD

    I should learn to be less sensitive. Its hard, though. When people make me think i shouldn't like who i am :(

    I'm glad i have friends here who don't do that and also like cute things a lot like i do.

    And it helps that i don't see pokemon as negative too much too. Being down talked hurt's a lot less on a forum about something i understand more. I didn't understand kingdom hearts like at all i think.
    Nothing much *shrug* I want to leave serebii's for awhile and just go on my forum 'cuz members here have been unfair ta me lately :( a little like how kh13 used to get...
    I tried learning Japanese in HS once, and that in itself was one challenge I failed to complete. :(
    Asian languages can be a royal pain, but I do wish you best of luck when learning Chinese. It's supposedly one of the toughest.
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