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  • French is one I've always considered, but I've always somewhat struggled with the accent. German, on the other hand, I can nail down. :)
    It kind of sucks that unless one moves to these nations (France, Germany etc), the language is next to useless in the working world here. :/
    I like Grand Theft Auto, Call of duty, Ratchet and Clank,Jak and Daxter, Need for Speed,Madden NFL,WWE games and Patapon what about you what other games you like besides Pokemon.
    Don't get me wrong, it was literally the world's finest cutlery (you get what you pay for) but this job was a time when the economy was in the dumpster. I'm talking 2012 trash. It was my second job lol. Got my first job that same year, which couldn't get said first job until I was 20. Anyway, long story short, not even a relatively rich family could afford a near $100 basic knife. And if by some miracle I did make that sale, I only kept 10% of the purchase. No fun. :(
    Ohh, what languages do you know? I've been working on a bit of German and Spanish lately. Trying to boost my real world skills.
    Tsk. :p
    I've kind of, sort of worked retail once, which lasted a total of two days. It caused my anxiety to go through the roof, though to be fair, it was a Walmart, and also in a not so good part of town.
    I've been a sales representative selling cutlery at one point too, which lasted a month. Can't do well with any jobs that involve an immense amount of customers. Not to mention with the cutlery job, pay was commission and not hourly. :(
    My voice is too mono (for lack of a better term) to convince people to buy products lol.
    Yeah, they're great dogs :D Simba is sooo snuggly too x3

    I gotta go to bed now :) see ya (i can't be online past 10 due to my word phobias and my bro's bann on headphones past that time :/)
    What's stopping you? :)
    Haha, at least you're acknowledging the fact. I don't work well around people... more so if they're customers. Other employees I can usually tolerate.
    Yeah, 19 seems like a good age for her :) Thanks^^

    I think i'm sweating a lot up here, but i'm glad i'm handling the heat okay. I should go downstairs soon though.
    I'd show you my drawings but i have no way of getting them online :/ not yet

    I wish they made collectable items of her xD though i likely would not have the money for them
    That was actually one of my first korrina avatars anywhere ever xD I made that image my avatar on the cave of dragonflies pokemon forum day two of my crush on her. Good times. Well not so good when one member kinda gave me a hard time about how old she might be though o_O; But that forum ended up dying anyways. Still, very cute image. I like it :)

    As for korrina's age its hard to say how old she really is....but way i see it she's not real so i think its probably fine for me to like her. It hasn't ended up hurting any real people in ways that people would question my sanity, not yet, and i don't think it'll ever lead to that. I'm a very compassionate person.
    Yeah, don't have a printer, but one of my drawings her eyes are half shut in X3 so that should make me feel happy. even if i still think she may be most hot in online images xD

    I guess i like roses a lot...cuz they're romantic.....xD i like flowers in general really though. Also, i have a book about roses :3 I used to look at it a lot. its a great book^^ books with nice pictures are awesome

    Yeah, i hope you do post there sometime :3 Then we can enjoy the pink layout together xD the people who go on there seem super nice too :)
    I think i'm over obsessing, really o.o She DOES let me us the puter. A lot. I shouldn't threat just cuz it isn't all the time, and, if i want to look at korrina when i'm not on a computer, I DO have drawings of her. Really pretty drawings of her too. I really should relax more.

    Yeah, Nerdy is a great person :D I'm very happy to have her as a friend. The things she says are really smart^^

    I have one book with flower drawings and the other one, all about roses, has real photos of different types of roses :)


    This is a sweet site^^

    Want to help me revive sanriotown forum sometime?

    Also, i'm on my puter right now. So far it isn't too hot up here :) in fact, i rather like how it feels. Its way better than listening to the tv anyways. I don't want to hear the words that make me meltdown :<
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