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  • Oh don't worry about it I do research all the time, especially when it something I don't understand. I do it too some when I make characters with something outside of what I know like a character with a disorder or split personality.
    Ahem I have done some research to answer that question and here they are:

    Nothing but a Missing Number: I’m in that one and it hasn’t started yet. You get to play as a legendary fighting against the nefarious MissingNo. It was to destroy the world because of what humans said about him being useless, weakling. There are a lot of roles left.

    Pokémon Heroes Chapter Two: Villains: Continuation of Pokémon Heroes RPG. The people have powers relating to pokemon powers. The good guys are trying to defeat the bad guys call Dark Twilight. It looks interesting to me but I don’t really know much about it...

    Pokemon Battle Island Revolution: The story is pretty much you are a trainer/coordinator (I think they’re allowed) that been invited to this island, which has a large variety of pokemon. It doesn’t tell you what going to happen has a bit of mysterious feel to it. It has started but I believe they’re still accepting.
    Hey Nobody, long time no speak. How are things? It seem like no one has left a visitor message here for ages so I thought I'll leave one.
    xD Thanks a bunch! That's definitely the first time I've been sung a song in congratulations for a promotion!

    You can but wouldn't it be awfully mean? I'm making a second male character, thus far I really liking him ^_^ Also I like you character, his not the often used full of themselves and confident trainer.
    The sadistic Gardevoir XD I based off my real male Gardevoir named Greg. I had him in sapphire version before pearl and diamond came out. I always thought how it must of suck to be a guy and look like a girl.
    I'm almost done, I finish with my characters' very quirky pokemon now I just have to give my character clothes and add more to personality. I'm going to make other character if I can because it fun too ^_^
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