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  • Alright, DW Feebas it is.

    Lol, I was just thinking out loud. Didn't mean for it to appear malicious or anything.

    As for the Shinx, I just wanted to know if you were still going to trade for it. It wasn't in your updated post or your pending trades, so I didn't know if that trade of yours was pushing through. I just wanted to make sure.
    Sigh. You aren't making this easy for me man.... :(
    I can get a DW feebas in the next 24 hours. Would you accept that?
    Also, shinx still isn't on your updated list. Are you still trading for that? Because I could get that one to you easier....
    Ok. But if I do get a DW Taillow soon, would you still trade for that? :)


    I have you DW female Taillow. If you're still interested in it, please do let me know. :)
    Hi there. I can't get you a DW Taillow, but I can get you a DW Shinx now. I'd really need a DW Anorith. Are you interested? :)
    Alright cool. I can't get it to you now though, as it wasn't the one I sent back with me. I can get it in about 12 hours or so. Would you be on by then?
    Don't worry, you're still steel/wifi, I'll get it sorted out. I'm
    starting to get a little tired of random decisions being made
    without consulting anyone. ¬¬
    Thanks, they went very well. ^^

    That's fine, fall semester doesn't start for 3 more weeks, so I'll
    have plenty of time. Have fun being kidnapped? ~.^
    Hai there. ^^

    I'm done with my exams and should be around later today
    if you're available to have your test battle.
    Sorry if this is against rules to battle with members of a different clan, but do you have shoddy? can you battle if you do?
    It's all good dude, just glad to hear that you're doing well. ^^

    You have a place in the clan, don't worry about that. You'll be welcomed back whenever you can.

    Just to let you know, TBR and I started a new site. You should check it out when you get a chance, just click this. ^^

    It's lag-free, mwaaahahaha! suck it serebii
    Hey dude. ^^

    Just letting you know I'm going to do a member sweep
    next Monday, so if you're still interested in being in the
    clan you should post in the thread, otherwise I'll have
    to sweep you.
    Oh bah, I missed ya.

    I didn't think you were going to reply right away. xD Well next time you are online when I am we'll get that done. :D
    Yea, I got a new DS, it's black/blue! ^^

    Sorry for the late understatement reply, been a
    bit of a space-case the last few days, lol.
    Ok, kewl. ^^

    I'll catch up with you sometime this week if you
    don't mind doing it. I don't think people would
    mind having a cloned event if it was free from
    the shop, but I'll probably end up putting it in
    the description just in case.
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