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  • you know what i think im not hitting the chatot flips right then i must of not hitting the correct # i need to make sure i subtracted the correct shiny frame from the shiny frame im trying to hit...using synchronize is a pain like the everstone lol...i did the two more extra and it didn't hit correctly...something doesn't seem right with the shiny frame...
    lol yeah i do that with alot of things especially playing older games not just pokemon but other older games i forget stuff...memory come back lol...also loosed up my pm's now lol...i should get trolling that much anymore...it was like 2 months ago someone keep trolling me it was annoying for no reason too...
    alright ill try that and yes i i did have it on stationary...i think it may be off too like you said cuaz i was breeding one time and i was 2 frames off before it was strange so i had to do 2 more to hit my shiny seed...thanks for helping me...sorry had to go pick my bf from work lol...
    lol no i got all that perfectly and i actually did do all that i do use chatot flips...im nt sure still why im not hitting it correctly...its almost like breeding but not...when i keep advancing i keep getting the non shiny...its very strange...
    okay 5th gen help lol...im sure you know how to do that lol....now i just hit a seed with everything i want but not shiny? which i did checkmark it to be a shiny cobalion...im doing stationary rnging btw...sorry forgot to tell you...could help me and explain why did i get it not shiny? maybe hitting another time seed or something? i put it in a iv checker and it said hp ice with a spread of 31/31/31/31/31/30...
    can you rng for 4th gen heartgold soulsilver? im having trouble with that and you are the thread owner for the bw thread thought i ask...i really need help please...sorry to bother you though...
    It's the same as any other ID/SID abuse and no I don't think min/max frame matters. I suggest you open up 2 instances of RNG reporter so you can use one to search for IDs and the other to check if the IDs actually make the right frame shiny. Sometimes you'll enter something like frame 700 and it'll make frame 703 shiny instead. That's because the 5th gen pandora's box is not completed yet. You just have to keep adjusting until it makes the right frame shiny.
    I ended up on frame 505 with no season change (summer).
    522 with the season change (I let it fade by itself).

    Yes 600s is safe.
    It depends. If you make sure the season changes to summer before you enter the house (so that there's no season change when you exit) you can hit about 500. If there's a season change you end up in the 600s. If you give me the seed I could probably test it on the emulator.
    If you're still awake my FC is 2966 8247 3513. I was going to trade you my Thundurus but I see you want to RNG it yourself so I'll leave that to you. :)
    Want a Jolly Tornadus to go with your Naive one?
    Maybe your A button isn't working properly. Try mashing B instead. If you can't get a consistent starting frame it's going to be nearly impossible to hit your shiny frame.
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