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  • I like your avatar! But I don't get your profile picture. If you could tell me what it is then maybe I'd be able to understand it.
    Well, if you're a fan of character design, Victreebel looks just like a hooka bong. It would not be the only Pokemon based off innuendo.
    Hey PK, if you could come back to the chat that'd be great! With a new member I'm gonna try and hold down the clan fort until 5th gen's official release in the States. Haha you probably won't play much but I don't give a damn! <3 (Also I see you raised your ppd to 1.67! haha good job i never followed through with improving my post count at all.)
    I do have Wi-fi, Piekid; Gaurdian Signs only has local wireless MP, not online MP. That's the only thing about this game that *^&$es me off!
    Don't forget that the Deoxys mission can't be done alone, so if you live in a sparsely populated area like myself, you're in deep $%^&.
    You'd have to have Wi-fi access for your DS in order to get the mission that is ascociated with Manaphy, & if you get your game too late, you won't be able to get it, & you're out of luck.

    But there's more that you can get than just Manaphy; you can also get an erupting Heatran, a Shaymin, & possibly even Deoxys...
    Took you long enough...

    Anyhow, why the hell not?! I thought a Manaphy lover like yourself would have that by now!
    Yeah, I still have it, & this lottery that they're holding is killing me...

    & by lottery, I'm referring to the Monopoly game...
    well, i got behind on requests really badly, because i had more requests than time i was willing to spent on them :p but i will
    if you know what you can do with paint its pretty easy ^^ I used to have a spriting shop, but i couldnt handle it :p
    I mixed two backgrounds and put pokemon in it :p its pretty easy actually, im making other tropical place banners so i can change my sig whenever i want :D
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