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  • noobers i am very hungry for chik-fil-a, however, if i go there gays are going to think i'm anti-gay and christians are going to think i'm one of them.

    what do? :(
    Oh, yeah, that. I'm actually not sure what to think of it. I believe the church approves of it, but then again, I could be wrong.

    By "it" I mean the play.

    Not all Mormons can sing, you know. :p
    Sorry, I'm not allowed to interact with Nigeria since I stole the AIDS relief funds.
    I feel like we're competing against eachother to see who's the last to remain. We are like the kids in Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. I'd rather you not left, though. We need to stick together!
    Would you mind helping me with something?

    I'm looking into getting a gaming PC to play games like Mass Effect 3 and Skyrim. Could you possibly tell me what kind of technical specs I would need to play those games so they look and run great? Since I have no idea what to look for, I thought it'd be better to ask before I start research, and end up with the kind of computer I would like.
    That's not going to help anything. All those votes were already cast and it was a big production. Maybe we'll just have a stalemate this time around, with both of you getting your images in instead of doing the caption. This thing was supposed to be a feel-good deal, so dropouts and fights are equally disappointing.
    noobers, I beg your pardon, but apparently we'll need to put the resolution of the Misc contest on hold until your opponent's concerns have been sorted. I'll be trying to keep things as fair and equal as possible, all the same. =/
    it's true; i murdered pokemongamer with an axe of malice and despair after my interest in pokemon was no longer at the point it was at pokemongamer's inception.
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