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  • well it appears my online christmasspirit got closed:p
    i guess i'll have to do it manualy then.

    merry christmas noobers.
    I believe this is what the snowmen said.

    Say hey! Nice work putting
    me together like that.
    It seems like I've been
    waiting in this brutal
    winter cold forever!
    Just waiting and waiting for
    a nice kid like you to come
    along and finish me.
    I didn't know what was
    gonna come first...
    You or spring!
    I felt like one of them
    hamsters in a wheel! Just
    rolling in place...
    Aw, but seriously! I'm real
    happy you came along

    I'm... I'm... I'm...
    Oh, rhapsodic, glorious day!
    This color!
    This shine!
    This shape!
    All flawlessly executed!
    And my face... Perfection!
    You have molded me a body
    of the gods! I thank you!
    Could it be that I have too much mail (or mail containing gifts)? I mean, my mailbox isn't full, but could that be a culprit?

    I guess what I'm asking, is it possible that it could be something else besides making a perfect snowman that is preventing me from getting the snowman presents in the mail?
    Since I ask you about AC:WW before...

    I have made two perfect snowmen (at least according to an faq) a couple of days ago, and I have yet to get any mail containing snowman items. Do you know what is wrong?
    *This is going out to all the people I used to talk to hours to every day*
    Damn, I haven't talked to any of you for like a year. I dunno why. You guys are suh awesome people! Well people can change a lot in a year but I know you guys, and it wouldn't be a change for the bad right? :eek:
    How's life?
    Is that what they're called? Never knew that, I just saw it on 4chan once and thought it was funny so I downloaded it.

    Thanks though.
    You're sig deserves an award, seriously.

    Anywho, I see that you are after the crown of Earth, shall we combine forces? The puny Earthli- I mean Soldiers won't stand a chance!
    Oh, you're robothive?

    I thought you were some random from America from the Steam Forums adding me as a friend. Sorry about that.
    I hate to be a bother, but let me get this straight.

    Red turnips in Wild World do not spoil or die when they are dug up, and they only die if left on the ground and they are not properly watered, did I get that right?
    You got l4d2 also what survivor do you pla as I'm doing hard rain right know
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