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  • Ask Ellie or someone, I'm not realy sure how stuff works. I'm never on the chat anyway.
    It's just easier that way. lol.
    BNut I'm glad to se my rusty skills aren't gone, at least.
    it wasn't really that helpful..... lol
    Well, I am one of those believers in John Dewey's theory on "Learning by Doing". Allthough I often end up frustrated, looking up tutorials.
    Thanks, I think I figured out the basics. Paint worked so differently when I used it many years ago.
    Gaaah, paint is so different from when I used to make sprites before!! Like.. how do I even do.. anything?

    That 3D thingy was creepy! lol. Awesome though, btu creepy
    lol, no wonder you never replied to me.

    I am actually considering joining the next Spriting challenge.
    I hope not XD That would make no sense at all ^^
    Yeah it would be cool it is works but like I said it is really difficult. I made like 2 small things before, so I'm really a beginner.

    EDIT: sorry I already put the poll up. If you still want to enter, just post the image to me and I'll add it to the poll.
    Eeeh, I'm not good at creating stuff from nothing. I can more or les only do color-swaps etc. lol
    Ooh, awesome! What Pokemon do you have in mind?
    I wish I was good at this stuff.. I was really into it many years ago, but I never posted anything.
    One of many. I'm just a bucket of charm and hidden agendas. Hohohoh
    But really, feel free to use those ideas, I'm no good at spriting anyway
    I am really bad at spriting and whatnot. I can be the brain behind your sucess, if anything. mowahahaha
    Ooooh... Foam-armor Azurill, Winter-coat Tyrouge, Overdrive-elekid, Blossomed Budew, No-fur Munchlax.

    Those are my ideas for you. nd everyone else reading this
    then I did not understand the challenge..
    Hail can work for Ice-type Pokemon that build up its armor, much like Burmy and wormadam, just slightly different mechanics.
    I've been free since forever...
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