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  • hi its been a while!!! Happy new year btw. do you happen to have a flawless imposter ditto (with dream w ability)?
    Yeah its been a hell of a long time! Yeah, was busy the last few months so I couldnt even collect new pokemon. I missed out on a lot too haha.
    How have you been these last few months?
    hey ask her if she got a masuda deoxys or will get one. also ask if she's able to get the new gothorita
    Hey, there's a bit of a glitch with the Magnezone - for some reason the tutor doesn't want to teach it Headbutt. I'm seeing if I can do anything about it, but in case I can't solve this, would there be another move you'd like in its place? The moveset you asked for is Iron Head \ Signal Beam \ Headbutt \ Iron Defence, in case you've forgotten.

    Also I'm very sorry this request is taking such a stupidly long time to complete.
    check danny's post in rayce's shop on neo. so it looks it is most likely hacked after all
    well the duskull i told you about seems ok since danny has checked it. i think alot of people believed darkdragonite's results from it and maybe he checked wrong.
    I thought someone asked Serebii to pull some strings and to change your name to Br@wl (or something similar) back in the first name-change thread? Hmm.
    34122 로니 Rayquaza - Quirky Nature - Likes to Thrash About - Sep 4, 2011 (Proof Available)
    34122 로니 Togekiss - Bold Nature - Alert to Sounds - Sep 5, 2011 Proof Available
    24743 JacE Pikachu - Modest - Likes To Thrash About - 11-14-2012 proof available

    Too much?
    Don't have an International Gothorita. The only Gothorita I have is the Jap one from you.

    I was kinda' eyeing the Korean Summer Pikachu, but I see that's NFT so I guess I'll take a look again.
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