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Hello everyone! Nova here.

I have been a pokemon fan since I can remember and I thought it would be time to join a forum to share my enthusiasm on the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield games.

I am originally from Portugal but I am currently living in Manchester, United Kingdom. I started my adventure with Pokemon Emerald and since then I have yet to miss a game. My excitement for Sword and Shield is through the roof and I am looking forward to battle, trade and much more with all of you people here at the forum.

Pokemon aside, I am a big fan of several anime like Naruto, dragon ball and full metal alchemist. Still, what I am really into now is a Netflix series called "The Dragon Prince". It is absolutely amazing (you should check it out!).

As for hobbies, my main one is photography but I do like hiking and travelling a lot.

Anyways, feel free to PM me for anything.

Cheers :)
Feb 2, 1995 (Age: 26)
Manchester, UK
Favourite Pokémon
ICU Specialist Nurse