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  • I've also wondered if the high levelled Gyms also had to do with the fact that you choose the order in which you do several of the Gen I Gyms.
    Still, the Gym Leader levels in Yellow are weird. Erika's highest is level 32, then the other four leaders have at least one level 50+ Pokemon. :O
    I'm glad they haven't pulled something like that since then (from what I remember). :p
    Yes, but I wasn't that knowledgeable re: Gen I game mechanics (base stats, etc.) at that age, so I didn't know how strong things like Alakazam were. Plus, I Kadabra/Alakazam or any of the other Psychic types weren't part of my planned team during that playthrough.
    It was also the fact that Venomoth was level 50, which is pretty high for like the 5th Gym...I think my highest Pokemon was level 34 lol.
    Now I'm reminded of that time in Emerald years ago when my Dragonite was taken down by a Geodude or something stupid like that in the Battle Frontier because of extreme Rollout-ing...

    My go-to answer for tough Kanto Gym Leaders is Koga in Yellow version. That was a tough fight when I played Yellow for the first time - team from level 44 to 50, with plenty of Toxic-spamming, was pretty tough for me, especially at that point in the game. I think I reset several times and eventually pulled off the win using the Snorlax I caught by Cycling Road.
    Flannery's Torkoal was often a problem for me on RSE when I was younger. Overheat was tough to withstand. :/

    Clair was definitely the toughest Gym Leader for me back on Gold years ago...lost to her Kingdra so many times since my only good Pokemon was my Typhlosion.
    For me, Norman was the other Normal-type user that would sometimes give me trouble (I remember this stall war I had against his Focus Punch-using Slaking and my Aron). Whitney was never a big problem for me (Clair on the other hand...)
    Well, the Striaton Gym was pretty annoying during my first couple of BW playthroughs. Despite the type advantage, the monkey I got during those runs just didn't work well for me for whatever reason.
    Cheren in BW2 can be tricky, too, mostly because I feel there aren't a lot of good places to level up that early in the game.
    I used the Squirtle line on my second X playthrough. Loved using Mega Blastoise. ;)

    Stoutland wasn't really a Pokemon I planned on using permanently, but I ended up keeping it with me on my first Black run after moves like Crunch and the elemental fangs really helped me out in battles.
    Turns out I didn't have Talonflame on an X team...I had Charizard and Hawlucha instead. xD
    But I know I did raise a Talonflame on Y to use for the Battle Maison.

    Unfezant's another Pokemon I haven't used much but should try out some day. I usually go for Stoutland if I want an early-game Unova Pokemon.
    I remember raising a Pidgeot on Gold once, got it to around level 53 IIRC. It didn't end up on my team permanently, though, since I liked Dragonite and Aerodactyl more.
    I mostly use Swellow and Talonflame as Fly slaves tbh (might've used Talonflame during an X playthrough, though I can't remember right now).

    I should consider using one of the early-route region birds next time I restart a game as I really would like to use Swellow or Pidgeot on a team. Or maybe even Noctowl, which I've never really used at all.
    Yeah, Toucannon's probably one of my favourite regional bird Pokemon (along with Staraptor because of that awesome cry and Close Combat). I had Toucannon on my Moon playthrough and it was one of my more useful team members. Having Brick Break was super useful (better than having to rely on Steel Wing or something). I also gave mine Flame Charge, which came in handy sometimes, too.
    I'd like to use Toucannon on another team in the future. :)
    Oh yeah, I remember Mina being a tough opponent for me on one of my versions. I think it was her Ribombee's high Speed that gave me the most trouble.

    I didn't find the totem Vikavolt hard, but other Vikavolt throughout the game often trip me up. It always takes me a minute to remember its type and I never remember it has Levitate as its Ability. The Ground-type move thing surprised me at first, too. I know the Battle Buffet Vikavolt has Dig, which always annoys me.

    I used Golisopod on Moon and First Impression is really useful and fun if you're the one using it. :D
    I still have one Tapu to catch on Sun, Tapu Fini IIRC.

    I didn't have that hard a time catching the Ultra Beasts themselves on Moon, but some of the other fights during the quest were a little troublesome. Anabel gave my team some problems.
    I haven't gotten around to the Ultra Beasts on Sun yet.

    I honestly forgot Necrozma even existed until now.
    Well, I only had trouble with Lurantis on Sun due to my Pokemon being too brittle to withstand its attacks. And it summoned Trumbeak as its partner for me, which was troublesome for my Cutiefly (the only Pokemon on my team who could've handled Lurantis pretty well).
    But on my Moon playthrough, I didn't have a hard time at all IIRC.

    I didn't have a really tough time against any of the Kahunas or Elite Four tbh...I guess the hardest Pokemon League battle for me was the final fight with Kukui on Sun, since he surprised me by switching out, but it wasn't that bad overall.
    The toughest for me was Lurantis on my Sun playthrough. Most of my Pokemon at the time were unevolved and got OHKOed by X-Scissor or Solar Blade. I had to lower Lurantis's Defense by spamming Leer a lot until I could hit it for decent damage.

    Mimikyu was kind of annoying for me on Sun, too. Yeah, Play Rough can really hit hard, plus I made the mistake of using my Z move when Mimikyu's Disguise was still up. >_>

    I think Mimikyu was also the hardest for me on Moon, due to (what else) Play Rough and the Hypnosis spam from the Haunter partner. Other than that, I don't think I had much trouble with the totems on Moon.
    I used Delphox on my Y team. I think I just assumed it used its stick for most fire moves lol.
    I remember how weird Flamethrower and other moves like Ice Beam IIRC could look when used in Gen 3...like, sometimes the Flamethrower would come out of the Pokemon's brain or something (think my Altaria did that).
    Hey sorry for being late but happy new year to you too :)

    Yeah I liked Lillie as well. Same with Hau, but I wish they would bring back the douchebag rivals instead of these friendly guys all the time.
    I like the Torracat avatar. I think Torracat might be my favourite part of the Litten line, design-wise at least.

    My Brionne (now Primarina) is male, and oddly the only male Pokemon on my team (things just weirdly turned out that way).

    Happy new year to you too! ^_^
    Yeah, I wanted to change it after using a Rowlet avatar for so long. I'm using the Popplio line in Sun and Brionne is just such a happy looking Pokemon.
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