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  • Diamond I think. Fantina was the fifth gym in that game and she destroyed me because my best pokemon were a underleveled prinplup, machoke and budew
    For me they're noticably less easy than X and Y. I did struggle with some island challenges and I didn't turn off the exp. share.
    Yeah, didn't care for it when it happened in BW either. I still prefer Sun and Moon over X and Y, mostly because X and Y was too easy for me and I like the new Alola pokemon more

    Rowlet in Moon and Litten in Sun. :]
    That's cool! I bought Sun the other day. I do have one criticism of the games though now that I've finished Moon, and that is they put too much into the story. They make you sit there and read a lot of text. I don't play Pokemon games for the story so it got kinda annoying >.>
    Further than Dartmouth, but I'd rather not clarify exactly where I live online.

    Yes, the first few weeks I worked it made me jump too. xD I got used to it after a while. Sometimes we don't hear it at all so "did the cannon go off yet?" Is a pretty common question around lunch lol
    I live just outside of Halifax, but I work downtown! We use the noon cannon as a signal to take our lunch break, lol. :)
    Yes I am! I've lived here in NS most of my life and my family is from here.
    Oh k I didn't know bc I try to avoid spoilers. I inevitably end up seeing some (hence my username) but I have avatars and sigs hidden and stay out of the spoilers and speculation forums.

    I don't care that much about repeating types. Emboar and Blaziken are two of my favourite pokemon
    Rowlet. I was going to go with Litten but I saw Rowlet's final evolution and I like the design and concept despite his base form being a little overrated IMO.
    As of now I think it's still too early to tell for me. I love the personality, designs, and everything else that all three of them have. Usually I have a clear favorite, but it's very different this time.
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